Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jaylen's 3 year pics....

Lesley Proctor snapped some adorable pics of Jaylen the other day & I LOVE them! So glad we got some good smiles cause those can be few & far between when I'm trying to take her picture. Can't believe my baby is 3!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Jaylen.......

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet baby Jay!

My pregnancy with you was quite a wild ride but so worth it! You keep our lives exciting & house noisy but we wouldn't change a thing!

We love you SO much!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MRI Tomorrow....

Rosson's MRI is tomorrow at 10. We have to be there at 9 to start paperwork & his work up. He can't have a bottle after 3 a.m., only 1/2 c. of clear liquid between 3 & 7 a.m. & NOTHING after 7 till the procedure is over. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to eat or drink after 7, not even sonic ice or anything. Seeing how he woke up early & had drank 2 bottles by 10 this morning, it's not going to be a fun morning tomorrow. Please pray for him.......and me!

I know this sweet face will not remember anything & everything will be fine. Can't believe he's 11 months old today!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Favorites.....

I know you think I'm talking about this yummy pumpkin spice cappuccino.....
BUT, I'm really talking about these 2 cuties in the fall leaves!

Yes, of course, I love pumpkin spice cappuccinos but I love these kids SO much more!
Happy Fall! Kiss your kids today!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just because.....

I can't tell you how much I love these 2 kids. They really have made my life so much better than it already was. They continue to amaze me & bless my life & really just make me smile! Watching them grow, learn & develop is just amazing. God really knew what he was doing. The joy they bring to my life just floods my heart & I love them more & more everyday.

Gavan was gone for a meeting tonight so I had a little movie night with the kids. We had popcorn & watched Beauty & the Beast. Jaylen loved it & Rosson just played around & snuggled with me. I know I don't do this as often as I should & give them my complete attention. These times will be gone before I know it so I'm trying to really keep what is really important my top priority. The dishes, laundry, dvr'd shows, facebook, etc can all wait. I'm so grateful for my healthy & happy kids & pray daily that Gavan & I can bring them up to know the Lord. I pray that we always live our lives for Christ & that our children will see us as different to the world.

Tonight, I'm thankful for my family. Gavan, Jaylen & Rosson.....I love you more than you'll ever know. You light up my world & keep my heart so full of love.

I can't kiss this sweet face enough!

Such a happy girl & love her excitement for life!

Met Gavan when I was 12 & always knew I'd spend my life with him.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010.....

Halloween was pretty fun this year, especially with Jaylen. She was really into trick or treating & totally got the concept of getting lots of candy in her pumpkin bucket! We carved a pumpkin, went to our Fall Festival at church, had a party at Sonshine School, trick or treated the OC dorms & also trick or treated the neighborhood with Chelsea. Rosson was pretty much just along for the ride but he loved watching all the kids running around! He's so good & just went with the flow! It was a fun week but I'm glad it's over with! Now to get rid of the huge basket of candy! Enjoy the pics!

Ready to carve....

Rosson looks real excited....

The bat that Jaylen picked out....

Grandma made Halloween candy/suckers with the girls....

Best friends?! least, for now.....

Our dalmation! This costume was worn by all 4 of our nephews so Rosson had to take his turn too!

Our fairy!

The Triplets (all born on Nov. 19, 2007).........Jaylen, Vivian, Addisyn..........can't believe they will be 3 soon!

Fall Festival at church....Chelsea, Jaylen & Macy

Trick or treating the OC dorms......Chelsea, Jaylen, Violet & Vivian

Sweet Cousins!

World's Cutest Monster.....

Seriously, this is the best one I got of them in their costumes!

Best family pic I could get too!

Ready to trick or treat the neighborhood!

Are they home?!

Ready to call it a night with our buckets full!