Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas 2011.....a bit late but lots of pictures!

We started celebrating xmas a week early at my parent's house so we could spend a long 3 day weekend with them. Just plain craziness with the kids running around all the time but lots of fun!

We always come up stairs for stockings goes overboard with the stockings so it's always a fun start! The grand kids got these red chairs to match the ones the adult kids got last year.

Toy Story book for Rosson...

Her vanity from G & G....I think she liked it! Rosson got a tool bench & loves it too.

Matching Minnie Mouse hats.....adorable.

Michael gave him this ball tent.....not sure who liked it more!

The Clark grand kids....Macy (almost 4), Jaylen (4), Max (5 mths) & Rosson (2)

Our family heading to church...

Sweet girls...

Mom & Dad with their grand kids....they all ended up wearing black & red to church that day.

The next weekend we went to Gavan's parent's house for another xmas weekend.

Nana & Papa with their grand kids....Spencer (9), Ethan (11), Corbin (almost 13), Jaylen (4), Dayona (almost 5), Rosson (2) & Sam (6)

Rosson got a big Buzz!

Jaylen got Baby Alive!

We came home xmas eve night so we wouldn't miss Santa coming to our house the next morning. Jaylen was super excited xmas morning but Rosson had no clue what all the "magic" was about. He liked the presents though!

Santa brought him a Toy Story racing car toy!

Santa brought Jaylen the makeup set she requested.....she never changed her mind the entire month of December on what she wanted from Santa, unfortunately. I thought the makeup phase would start a little later in life but oh well.

A leapster & Tinkerbell game!

A Toy Story, love, loved it!

We enjoyed a wonderful Sunday morning service at church after all the presents were opened & had fun the rest of the day playing with all the new stuff. That night we went to see the new Chipmunk movie. It wasn't too busy & the kids had a great time. Can you believe that Rosson actually sat in his own seat from almost all of the movie?! The rest was in my lap but he was totally into the 'Mickmunks', as he calls them. I think it might be our new family tradition to go see a movie together xmas day night.

Overall, we had a wonderful holiday season with our family & friends. 2011 was a hard year for our families as we lost 3 of our 4 grandparents & the xmas get togethers definitely were not the same but we still feel very blessed. You can't beat the love of a family & most of all the love of the Lord. He continues to bless our family every single day & we look forward to 2012 (can't believe January is just about finished already!). Especially excited to add Easton to our family in May this year! He'll be here before we know it!