Monday, September 28, 2009

27 weeks....

Well, I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow & so far things are still going great! I did my glucose test a week or so ago & guess I passed since I never heard from them. No news is good news. I've been so bad about taking pictures of myself during this pregnancy so I have no pic for this post but I'm going to try to take one this week! Rosson is quite the little athlete seeing how he is constantly moving & kicking around in there but I love it cause he's just reminding me that he's doing okay & just growing right along! Jaylen talks about her 'lit bwotha' a lot & pats my belly saying Rosson.....its pretty adorable. She loves going into his room & getting on the big bed that still is in there.

It's crazy that I'm due 3 months from tomorrow!!!!! I've said this before but this pregnancy is going so super fast that he'll be here before I know it! Please just pray that I can stay out of labor & continue to feel as good as I do!

Friday, September 25, 2009

29 years.....

Yep, last week I turned 29 years old! Those birthdays come around a lot quicker when you aren't counting down the months like I did when I was younger! It was a great day........was sung Happy Birthday that morning by Jay & Gav, worked at Sonshine School & received a few gifts/cards from my co-teachers, lots of calls/texts, birthday dinner at Chili's with Gav, Jay, Macy & Mom and then just spent the evening at home with my family. Gavan bought me a pair of Puma tennies for my bday that I wanted while we were in NY.....they are turquoise! Mom gave me a set of awesome stacking bowls to match my kitchen.......turquoise as well! Jay & I both wore turquoise on my birthday (not planned) but can we see a theme going on here?! I guess I'm liking that color these days! While Doug & Dixie were in town that weekend, Dixie & I got birthday pedicures as well! We share the same birthday & actually get to celebrate it together quite often so thanks to our hubbies for the pedicures! Overall, a great day to turn 29.......look out next year though......the big 3-0!
My adorable big girl before school that morning.......we got her the caterpillar in NY that she is holding, it is from "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" story, which she LOVES!

Heading to dinner.......bad posture by me but love these 2 people!
At dinner......."cheese"!

"Cheese" again!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Smart little girl.....

Lately Jaylen has been chewing on her paci's & I had to throw 5 of them away this weekend because of it. So the paci's are few & far between at our house now......I'm not going to buy new ones every other day! I thought maybe I would try to tell her that it was broken & she couldn't use it anymore just to see if I could maybe wean her off of it......I hadn't been planning on doing this till after Rosson was born though.

This is our conversation before nap time on Monday:

Jay: "Paci?"
Me: "Remember that it broke because you were biting it? We had to throw it away because it is broken."
Jay: "Paci broke?"
Me: "Yes, it's broken & it's all gone."
Jay: "Go get 'nother paci."

Too smart.....she knows better & what did I do? Go get 'nother paci for my sweet baby girl!

The good news is that I kept telling her to quit biting them or she wouldn't have any & it has stopped for now so maybe I'll wean her some other time.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NYC pics....

We have lots of pictures so I'll try to just highlight some of our trip. We had a wonderful time & enjoyed every minute that we were there but it's always good to come home.....especially when there is a certain someone waiting for you when you get there! What a different world up there but a neat place to visit!

Times Square
Yankee Game

On top of the Rockefellar Building in front of Empire State Building

Central Park

On Liberty Island

Gavan & Rupert Jee in front of Hello Deli

Our first pizza place to eat at!

Empire State Building

Going to the Late Show with Letterman

View of Central Park from Top of the Rock

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Home Sweet Home....

We got home safely today about 2:30 so now we're unpacking, sorting laundry, & spending time with Jaylen! We had a wonderful trip but are pretty tired from it, mostly me. I felt good the whole time though & had zero problems. We were so happy to see Jay & missed her quite a bit! I'll sort through some pictures soon & get some on here. Got to start Sonshine School tomorrow so it'll have to wait!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NYC in 4 days....

Yep, Gavan & I leave in bright & early Saturday morning for our babymoon to NYC! We are really excited about our trip & know that we are going to have a great time BUT.........we are not excited at all about leaving Jaylen for 5 days! I've been really dreading it these last couple of days. I know she is going to have a fun, fun time with her grandparents & will do just fine. She's splitting the time with both sets of grandparents so she'll get doubly spoiled! Gav & I are going to probably have a harder time with it than she is!

This pregnancy is flying by as I'm now 23 weeks. Gavan is giving me my progesterone shot for the first time tonight so lets hope it doesn't hurt too bad! Mr. Rosson is constantly moving around & doing flips but I love it cause its like he's telling me that he doing alright! Jaylen knows where baby brother is, his name & will kiss my belly & say "I wuv you Rosson". It's pretty sweet. She loves going in his room & laying on the big bed, which will be moved out soon. Overall, it's a great pregnancy & I'm feeling awesome for the most part!

Man, we are going to miss this girl!

My big helper making should hear her list the ingredients out cute!

Just waking up from a nap....

Her dress up butterfly outfit....

Having a snack & watching a video....