Thursday, July 31, 2008

This just happened.....

As I was writing the previous post, Jaylen was sitting on the floor on a towel playing. Why on a towel you might ask. Well, she's teething, which produces disgusting poop that gives instant diaper rash......mind you I take pride in the fact that she has never had diaper rash before. It started yesterday so ever since we got home from school today I've been trying to let her go diaper free to help the rash go away. She's done great so far with only one small pee incident. No biggie. Well, I'm typing away and I hear her let 2 little toots out. She proceeds to look at me and giggle and so do I. It didn't even dawn on me that something else might be coming soon..........oh yes, she did. The next toot was much more than a toot! You guessed it.......we might be burning that beach towel and into the bath went Miss Jaylen! Oh well, she needed the bath and she loves them so she was happy and forgot momentarily about her sore hiney. By the way, I love this girl!

Why I love Sonic......

1. Happy Hour......$0.85 refreshing Dr. Pepper.
2. The trash can right before you get to the window.....I use it EVERY time I go through cause I've always got stuff stuck down in the pocket in my door!
3. Sonic can't beat it....especially when you've got a teething baby!
4. Speedy drive thru

Well, number 4 was debatable today. Some lady in front of me ordered I guess dinner for her family of 5 at 3:00 in the afternoon! Seriously, the rest of us were in line waiting for our large drink and that's it. Park at a stall next time lady! Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my DP.

By the way, did anyone else in OK feel like it was extremely muggy today and we didn't even hit 100?! I thought I was going to melt.......thus the need for my sonic stop.

Oh yeah, come on down to the village to Miranda's garage sale tomorrow for some bargains! Just south of Penn & Britton.....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garden update......

I know you all have been dying to know how my ghetto garden is doing so I thought I'd update you. If you don't remember, this is what I started with.

Back row: Snap Peas growing up the trellis (the chain-link fence); Middle row: Yellow Squash; Next row: Cherry Tomatoes

Well, my peas did pretty good and I picked the following bunch of peas off the vines and then the plants completely died. They were good to eat though.

My squash plants grew into enormous plants and got lots of little squash starters but then they would just shrivel up and die so I didn't ever get an actual full grown yellow squash. Bummer.

My tomato plants grew very tall and actually double the size of the cage we put around them. They just bent over the cage and touched the ground. They are barely hanging on after the last 2 weeks of 100 degree weather but I've gotten lots of yummy tomatoes from them.

Overall, it was a good first garden of mine. I've learned that you need a pretty big space even if you are just planting 3 different things and also that you need plenty of space in between each plant. Mine were WAY too close together in a WAY too small of space, which could be why everything pretty much died! Hopefully I can be a little more successful at one next summer!

Monday, July 28, 2008


The girls were both in pretty good moods today even though they both are cutting teeth and have diarrhea because of stuff for me! We were playing on the floor and they were both just laughing at me and each other so I took a montage of pictures. Such cute 8 month olds!!!!!!

Friends for life?!

2 peas in a pod!

These fingers taste good when I'm growing teeth!

They were both standing and holding onto my knees....

Vivian: "How many more pictures are you going to take?"

Yep, we're still sitting here....

Jaylen: "No Viv, you have to sit stll while my mom takes more pictures!"

Just playin'

Viv is still taller but Jaylen has chubbier legs!

So cute....

So serious....

Concentrating on not falling down.....


First off, happy birthday today to my cousin Kara! Hope you have a great day!

Secondly, we went to the lake on Saturday with Gavan's family and had a great time. It was pretty hot but we had a spot in the shade right by the water so it wasn't too bad. Jaylen enjoyed herself as always. Gavan is getting good on the wake board and I am at least improving on it. I actually got outside the wake, which is a big step for me. The nephews are awesome on the tube....their legs just flop up and down so much but they hang on for so long!

This is the only pic I got from the chubby girl!

My little but getting bigger 8 month old! She loves sticking that tongue out.

Oh yeah, I cut my hair last week and love it. Other news is that Jaylen is getting her 2nd tooth in on the bottom. She's been doing great with it except her nose is like a faucet and I wish she could actually blow it. Thank goodness I have the suction bulb from the hospital......they are the best ones. This is my last week of Sonshine School for the summer and also my last week of working 4 days a week with watching Viv and SSS. In August, I'll just watch Viv 2 days a week and then in September I'll just have SSS 2 days a week. Can't believe it's almost August! Crazy.

Well, I better get back to the babies........they actually sort of play together now which is fun to watch. Have a good Monday.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh my....

If you want to see what I looked like when I was younger, go to my cousin, Kara's, blog to see! We always had so much fun together on the lake and we did wear matching outfits pretty often. It's weird to think our girls will be able to play together on the lake in just a few years!

Kara, I love the pictures and thanks for showing everyone how awesome I look in a swimsuit!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Day at the lake.......

We took the boat to Arcadia this weekend with some friends. It was very busy but we were still able to enjoy ourselves. We had a group on the boat and a group at the "beach" to stay with the babies. Since it was crowded our spot wasn't the best but we made it ok. The babies did great and enjoyed the water. We were in the shade so they weren't too hot. It was fun catching up with Adam & Heidi too.

Grandpa got Jay these State Farm sunglasses so I thought I'd try them on her. She pulled them off shortly after the picture was taken!

Jaylen & Chelsea relaxing on the blankets

This is the smallest life jacket (0-30 pounds) but it still gives her a stiff neck! She's just not quite big enough to wear it and ride on the boat......maybe next summer.

Me, Heidi, Chelsea & Miranda just enjoying ourselves & having girl talk!

Jaylen turned 8 months on Saturday, which I still can't believe. She says "dada" constantly even though she doesn't really know that Gavan is dada. She loves to stare at her hand as she rotates it. It's so funny to watch her. She is amazed at her own hand. She still isn't crawling but is definitely thinking about it. She's such a happy baby and smiles all the time. She enjoys going to Sonshine School but still isn't quite sure about sitting in that table in bible class on Wednesday nights. She's got a complex about it but we're working on it! We love her SO much and enjoy every minute with her.

New additions to living room......

We've had the same floor rug in our living room since we moved in almost 4 years ago and since Jaylen will be crawling soon I thought I needed a fresh rug for her to be on. I also realized that I'm needing some toy storage in the living room. I love my new rug and bench.

This is the BEFORE picture......the chair has been moved to the garage until we move to another house I guess.

This is the AFTER picture........Paisley seems to be admiring it. The chair took up much more space than the bench does so our living room feels bigger too.

A closeup of the bench......I think I'll try to find some material to match the rug and recover the pillows. It was a great buy and serves its purpose well!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh Babies.......

I've gotten several pictures of my friends with their babies lately so I thought I'd share.

Doug & I with Jaylen & Ethan

Rachael & I with Jackson & Jaylen...........Jackson is 1 1/2 weeks old in this pic............such a precious boy.

Heidi & I with Chelsea & Jaylen (they are 3 months apart) glad they are back and the girls finally got to meet!

These are just a couple I took of Jay yesterday. She was in such a good & funny mood so I snapped a few. Can't believe she'll be 8 months old on Saturday!

This picture shows why she is no where near crawling........she always sits with her legs straight out and stiff! She doesn't bend or curve them so when she leans over she can't go anywhere! It's actually harder to sit this way but she's always done it.

Just a fun one.........she did almost roll off the window seat.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Little Rock trip.......

The Byrds & Gunselmans at the wedding

Daddy & Jaylen........she looked so cute in her fluffy dress!

Ethan & Jaylen

Our family

Uncle Wee & Jaylen

The mommas & their girls......

Jaylen fell asleep at the reception and did great during the wedding....

Ryan (the groom) & Michael

Back home at the Gunselman house, the men started a serious game of poker.

The new outfit & bow I bought Jaylen at the boutique Dixie works at.......thanks for the discount!

The 3 kiddos after church.......Ethan isn't sure of these 2 girls!

Jaylen & Macy

We had a great weekend in LR! The wedding was very sweet and we are so happy for Ryan & Cassandra (I didn't even get a picture of the beautiful bride)! We had lots of fun hanging out at the house, shopping, poker, Scene It Squabble (good job girls on winning), and eating some good food. We hated to leave but always look forward to getting to go back. They might have baby boy #2 next time we see them!

I've got Viv today and trying to get laundry done so I better get busy while I've got a chance!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hitting the road........again

We're leaving tomorrow for Little Rock. Our friends Ryan and Cassandra are getting married there. Ryan teaches & coaches with Doug and Cassandra teaches at a different school in LR. So we get to go to their wedding and see the Gunselmans too! It's going to be one packed house with 7 adults, 3 babies and one on the way! But lots of fun. We're leaving after Gavan and Wee get off work tomorrow and hopefully Jaylen will sleep in the car. This is the second of back to back three day weekend trips. But after this we should get to slow down a bit. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One last 4th of July pic.......

Their arms were posed the same and I just thought flags needed to be in their hands!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Pics from the 4th.....

Me & Jay

Baby Jay

Cousins........Macy (3 1/2 months) & Jaylen (7 1/2 months)

Gavan & Jaylen

This was the first time for Jay in a pool and she LOVED it......she floated in her boat but loved bouncing with me in the water too.

My parents and sis went on a Mediterranean cruise and got the girls these shirts (which are more like dresses right now) is the leaning tower of Pisa! Cute pic except for the lovely diapers hanging out!

Grandma & Jaylen

Jaylen, GiGi, & Macy.......her 2 great-granddaughters! I think Jaylen's hand looks so sweet on my grandma's arm.....

Grandpa & his 2 girls.....