Friday, July 13, 2012

2 months....

Wow, this little guy is already 8 weeks old!  He is an awesome baby & is sleeping great....very close to all night long!  He started smiling at us, especially his big sister.  Not sure how much he weighs but he goes to the dr next week so we'll see....I'm sure he's not measuring up to his brother.

Ready for church...first time wearing shoes!
4th of July

 This big sis & big bro have adjusted so well to Mr. E & completely accepted him into our family without any jealousy issues.  We have had such a smooth transition to #3 & feel so very blessed.  Actually with all the major changes in our lives over the last 2 months, our entire family has adjusted much better than I thought we would.  We are settling into our new town, church & life in general & really liking it!  I can't help but think that these times are passing by me so quickly & I need to really slow down to soak everything in.  These 3 will soon all be in school before I know it.