Monday, February 22, 2010

2 month checkup.....

Rosson had his 2 month checkup this morning complete with shots and all. Poor baby. He took them like a champ though & stopped crying as soon as I picked him up. I think Jaylen was more upset about them than he was! She didn't like him crying! She gave him a sticker for being a big boy at his was really sweet. He weighed in at 14.5 lbs (95%) & was 25 inches long (95%)!!!! Yes, that is like the size of a 4 month old! The last couple of weeks I've noticed his belly button turning from an "inny" to an "outy" & just figured it was cause his belly is getting so big but he actually has a little umbilical hernia. It should fix itself but we will watch it carefully. Other than that, he's as healthy as can be.

We love this chunky monkey so much & has been such a blessing to our family already. I love his smiles & coos that he gives me & he is starting to notice his big sister too. She was talking to him the other day and he gave her the biggest smile......she loved it! He is a good sleeper, during the day & night, & is obviously a great eater! He holds his head up pretty good but HATES tummy did Jaylen. He's generally a happy baby unless he's given himself gas from guzzling his bottle too fast or he's having one of those fussy times in the evenings. He is finally starting to enjoy his baths......don't know why but he doesn't like his baths. He really enjoys being in his bouncy seat or swing.........& usually always falls asleep in his swing.

We love you Rosson Drew!

almost 2 months....
the big sister & little brother.....
Big this!
Sorry about the naughty finger......
Sweet baby....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Not doing so good with pictures this time.....

I think I have at least double the amount of pictures of Jaylen than I do of Rosson at 8 weeks. I guess that's how it goes with babies other than the first.....not too mention my zoom isn't working on my camera. Very frustrating....not sure if it just broke or Jaylen got a hold of it.

He's been smiling at us for a couple of weeks now & I actually caught one the other day. He's such a cute, chubby, smiley thing! Still sleeping a lot during the day & night & is generally happy all the time. The past 8 weeks have flown by & we'll be celebrating his first birthday before I know it.....and before I lose the baby weight.

Speaking of baby weight.......I think I still have like 15 pounds to go to get back to pre-prego weight but it's going to be tough this time around. It's just harder to find time to work out, plus I don't have a double jogger stroller so I can't take them both out for a walk/run.....not too mention it's been freezing outside ever since he was born. I'm looking for a used double jogger so if anybody has one they'd like to sell, let me know!

I've just got to get with the program & prioritize my day & do some working out around the house or something. Maybe I'll dig out those Pilates DVD's that I begged Gavan to let me by off the tv after we first got married! I need to start running too but I HATE it. Can't stand it but it is going to have to be done.....soon.

Well, enjoy the couple of recent pics I have of my kids.

Jaylen after her Valentine's Party at SS yesterday

She loves putting her hands in her pockets......"I keep my hands warm!"

8 weeks old

Finally caught a smile on camera last week!