Monday, July 30, 2007

We're Back

We got home Sunday night about 5:00 from Minnesota. We had a great time even though we took OK weather up there with us. For the first 3 days we were there it was about 95 degrees with about 90% humidity. It was pretty bad so we just tried to get in the lake a lot to cool off. Finally normal Minnesota weather came in on Thursday so we got to end the week good. We had a big family reunion on Friday which was fun. We got to see tons of my family & some we hadn't seen in probably 5 years. All my little cousins have gotten so big! We got to spend the night in York, Nebraska with Dixie's mom on the way up & back. Doug & Dixie were there helping get stuff ready for a garage sale & move so it was nice to see them, even though it was short lived. Now G & I are back to the grind, yes back at work but also the grind called "kitchen remodel". We left for vacation right in the middle of the remodel so we got to come home to a big mess. Tonight we ripped the backsplash off & tried to clean the glue off the walls to get them ready for the new one. Tomorrow night G a friend are going to take the sink out & countertops off & go from there I guess. We're just trying to get it finished ASAP. We're tired of all the mess! Once we get it finished we can put the nursery together! Well, I'm off to bed now. I'll post some pics from the trip later!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's a Girl!

Just wanted to let everyone know that our ultrasound went great today & we found out we're having a little girl! G & I are very excited with the news & are glad we can finally call her a "her" & not an "it"! Dr. Huff said everything looks good with her & her progress. I am doing well too. I actually lost 2 pounds since last appointment, which is a little surprising. She asked me if I have been eating & I said "Umm....yes", because I feel like I'm always eating or snacking on something. I have been going, going, going the last 2 weeks so I'm not that surprised that I haven't gained anything. I'm going to take it easy on vacation & just rest up! We're leaving tomorrow evening for our vacation with Michael & Katie. We're heading to Minnesota to stay in our lake cabin for a week. It will be great to see all of our family up there & spend time with them. The drive won't be too fun but we're breaking it up so it shouldn't be too bad. So I guess this will be the last post for a week or so. Oh, I almost forgot. Amy had these cigars for me at work when I got back from the ultrasound today! She bought both colors to be prepared! Have a good week everyone!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Busy little bees

Well, I said that last week was going to be busy due to the VBS and yes, it was but this week is also very busy for us Byrds. By the way, the VBS went great & in the end we had 3 baptisms from the high school class. I think our class really had a lot of fun doing it eventhough it was hard work. This weekend we really started the renovation on our kitchen. We bought the sink, faucet & hardware on Saturday & have started to tackle the cabinets. We're stripping, sanding, priming, painting & distressing them! Yes, all of those steps. We really aren't sure what we are doing & we hope we are pleased in the end! It's sort of fun experimenting with them though! I think we've got it down but it's a process for sure. We're leaving for Minnesota for vacation on Friday so we're trying to have the cabinets & cabinet doors finished before we leave. The whole house is a mess, especially the kitchen, and I need to find something for us so eat for dinner tonight! It might be sandwiches again! So basically, I don't have time to blog much this week or next week cause we'll be gone & there's not internet access at the lake cabin. I will post Thursday night cause we have our doctor's appointment & we'll let all of you know if we're having a boy or girl! We're so excited! Just 3 more days! Well, I'm off to see if Gavan needs anything!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ok, for some reason it won't let me title this post so oh well. Wow this is a busy week! Our class at church is putting on a VBS at an inner city church in OKC this week until Thursday. We have to be there by 6 which means as soon as I get home from work I quickly change clothes & then hop in the car to get down to the church. It's been a great success the last 2 nights but I'll be glad when we're finished! It just makes for a really long 4 days which is why this post will be short & sweet. It's actually a really good opportunity to spend time with our other classmates as well as the kids. I know we're making an difference in at least 1 of those children's lives. So many of them need to find God & hopefully we're getting the message to them in some way. Please pray for us to be successful in showing them Christ through our teaching & actions. Well tomorrow is hump day which is always good, & my mother-in-law is taking me out to lunch! Thanks Bev! I'm off to bed now.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Ok, it's finally Friday!

I don't know about you but having the holiday in the middle of the week really threw me for a loop. I dragged myself into work on Thursday after crawling in bed at about 12:45 a.m. the night before & then was tired all day long. On my way home from work, it downpoured for like 45 minutes & took out our electricity for about 3 hours or so. Hefner road was completely under water while I was driving on it, and there was still water on the road when I was going downhill! Oh well, I didn't have to make dinner that night due to the power outage! We went to Home Depot & bought our new countertops & backsplash for the kitchen. Have I mentioned we're redoing our kitchen? Well, we are redoing our kitchen! We're painting the cabinets, new countertops, backsplash, sink, faucet, hardware, rugs & curtains! We're really excited about it & hope to start this weekend if we can find some time! After this weekend, we're gone for 3 weekends straight so it won't be finished until August I'm sure. We'll post along the way! We have BK (small groups) tonight so we have to leave in 15 minutes & G isn't home from work yet. This is his busiest day of the month so hopefully he'll be arriving any minute so we can get there on time! I guess summer is officially here according to the temperature outside. All of you who complained about the rain hopefully are happy now. No rain but hot, sticky, humid days! Gross. I'd rather have the rain but then again, I'm not a farmer, landscaper or in construction. I do feel sorry for those people. They've got to be so far behind at work! Welp, gotta go feed Paisley din-din & then get ready to go! Have a good Friday night.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Feels like tomorrow is Friday!

I actually don't mind thinking about going to work tomorrow cause the next day is a holiday! It does stink that the 4th falls on a Wednesday, right smack in the middle of the week cause we only get that day off of work but one is better than none! We're going to Lookeba to celebrate & watch the boys light fireworks. Gavan's parents live in the country so we can shoot as many as we want. The boys are so funny with the fireworks. Each year they've gotten braver with them so I'm sure this year will be a treat. Gavan went golfing tonight so I had an evening to myself. I had a VBS meeting at church at 7 then stopped at McD's and got a vanilla cone on the way home! I thought I needed a treat for the day & then after I ate it & got home, I thought..."Gee, I really need to get back into my walking routine" so I put on my tennies, got Paisley & headed out. I got in a pretty good walk too. I always feel better after I walk & hopefully I'll sleep better tonight than I did last night. I'm at that point where I can't sleep on my back or stomach so it's either the right side or left side. I usually always sleep on the side anyways but my problem is that my hips are either falling asleep or they just start hurting after a while. Last night I just kept having to switch sides what felt like every hour. I have always thought I have poor circulation in my legs so that might be what's going on but I'm not sure. All I know is that I've got a long pregnancy ahead if I'm already having trouble sleeping! If anyone has any tips, I'm up for anything! Well, I'm off to read a bit more of Harry Potter. I'm trying to get this book done before the next one comes out. I want to get them all read before the baby comes so I don't have too far to go! Everyone be safe on the holiday! Happy 4th of July!