Thursday, June 28, 2007

Monthly doctor's appointment

Well, I just got back from my dr's appt & you can read about it in my pregnancy journal. Everything's good & Dr. Huff thinks I'm having a boy too! I've had so many people comment that they think this one's a boy! We'll see on July 19th! I scheduled my ultrasound today so we've only got 3 weeks to wait now! Believe me, I'll be counting down the days! I just have a quick minute before I have to go back to work for an hour or so, which stinks, but oh well. Hope everyone is having a good Thursday. Guess what, tomorrow is Friday so you should be happy!

Monday, June 25, 2007

New Swing

Here's a pic of the new swing we got last week. We have only gotten to enjoy it once due to all the rain but it will be nice, especially in the spring & fall. We've got it set up on our back patio & now we just need to invite people over to enjoy it with us!

Gavan & Paisley with the new swing!

My new addiction

So I've developed a new addiction over the weekend & no, its not a food related to my pregnancy! When Doug & Dixie come to town, our old nintendo system always comes out of the closet! We have the original nintendo that Gavan played with growing up & he still has tons of games & yes, it still works! I always liked this gaming system too, especially Mario Brothers. Anyways, the nintendo was still hooked up on Saturday night after they left & I got the urge to play some Super Mario Bros. I suggested to G that we play for a bit & of course he loved it. We played for like 2 1/2 hours that night. We played SMB 1 & 3. Then on Sunday afternoon, I settled in bed for a nap but decided to play a little more before I rested. Well, after about an hour I was still playing & hadn't gotten sleepy yet. G was out mowing so I just continued to play. I did get stuck on a level, went & got G to come help, which he did & then I carried on. Basically, we're going to play some more tonight. I get hooked on it every once & a while & then I play whenever I can. After we first got married, we got hooked on Monopoly (on the nintendo) & we played it every waking hour for like 2 weeks. It's fun to be in competition, but always a friendly competition! Well, its the week of appointments again. G had a dentist appt today, I have a hair appt Wednesday & I have a dr's appt Thursday! I always seem to get several things scheduled in the same week. Oh well.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Catching up

Once again I've let a lapse go between posts but I guess I've been busy. Last Friday night, G had a poker night at our house so Katie & I vegged out on the couch watching TV. There were so many good movies on that we went back & forth between 3 of them! I'm bad about flipping thru channels when there is a commercial. DVR has really spoiled us cause we never watch commercials anymore! At the end of the night, I don't think there was anyone who lost big time cause their change cups all looked fairly equal. They play with quarters, dimes & nickles. Well, except the time that Michael ended up writing a check to someone at the end of the night. Different night, different story that I won't go into but it was funny! Saturday G played & won a benefit golf tournament in Kingfisher so I slept in late, ran a couple of errands & then settled into the couch until about 4:30 when he got home. I love those days. I do absolutely nothing & I don't worry about it! I'm pregnant & deserve those days every now & then. We went to Yukon to see Brandon & GayLyn that evening & ended up coming home with Corbin. He has been asking to come stay with us for a while now & he finally got the chance. He's been telling Gavan that he wants his hair "buzzed off" like G's. We all went to Lookeba Sunday for lunch & G took his clippers. The pics are of Ethan & Corbin getting their haircuts. Of course, G had some fun before he actually buzzed it all off. It was pretty funny to watch! Now we're into the work week & it's already Tuesday! I love it when the days & weeks go by fast! Well, we're going to go buy a swing for our backyard, I think. We've looked at some & I think we're just going to go get one. I'm excited cause we've wanted one for a while just hadn't gotten one. So enjoy the pics & we're off to Lowe's!

Corbin, G, Ethan with their buzz cuts!

Ethan with his mohawk!

Corbin with his "old man" or "balding" cut!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Early Nesting

Ok, so I think I had some early nesting going on tonight. Isn't nesting the time during your pregnancy where you just stay home & clean, clean, clean & do random things that needed to be done for a while? Well, I guess I was in that sort of mood tonight. I'm usually pooped after I get home from work & just want to eat dinner then lounge around all night but Gavan is out golfing tonight with his buddies & I'm home alone. The nursery has turned into a junk room in the last 6 months. It had so much stuff piled around that needed to be put somewhere but I just wasn't sure where that somewhere was. Guess what, I found places for pretty much everything tonight. My sister-in-law GayLyn gave me a bunch of stuff this weekend so I went through that. It had lots of clothes from the boys & some other stuff like blankets, coats, toys, feeding stuff, etc. I guess going through it made me want to get the nursery looking more like a nursery again. I sort of want to put the crib back up but it's too early. We're going to wait & put it up after we find out what we are having. So nonetheless, I'm sitting down finally to blog tonight & I'm feeling like I deserve a fudgesickle for my work tonight! Anyways, I've got some laundry to tend too so I better keep this short. Oh, by the way, I had a good day today. Tuesdays are much better than Mondays!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Oh Mondays.

Ok so I'm so glad that Monday work day is over. Have I ever told you that I hate Mondays? I hate getting up to go to work on a Monday, actually I never like getting up in the mornings but that is beside the point. Mondays just really drive me nuts. It seems like no matter what, we have like 3 people call into the office with an infection & that means we get to squeeze them into our already completely full & probably double-booked schedule. It never fails that they come in in groups of 3 too. I'm not joking. It's weird. If we get one call we'll say, "Well, that's one down" & everytime we get 2 more calls. It's sort of creepy. Oh well, today is over & I only have 4 more work days this week. Friday is my afternoon off too so that's always nice. We have a rep taking us out for lunch on Friday & we're going to PF Chang. I hate to admit it, but I've never eaten there before!!!! I know, I know. What's wrong with me?! Anyone have any suggestions on what to order? I like chinese food but usually it's cheap chinese & simple stuff. So, I'll take ordering suggestions! So we says Ocean's 13 on Saturday. I have to say that it was my least favorite of the 3. It was different than the first 2 also. The first one is still my favorite but it's still a good movie. I want to see Pirates 3 as well but I hear I better get comfy cause it's a good 3 hours long. I'm sure its good though. Well, I guess I'm off to get a bite to eat for din-din. Gotta feed the baby!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Vegas Pictures

Ok, so I finally figured out how to get the pictures all together & then got them all captioned for your viewing pleasure. I sent out an email with the pictures on it. You have to view them through Snapfish. If you didn't get the email & want to look at our pics, send me an email or comment on this post & I'll get them sent to you. I'm going to try & get a 3 mth picture of myself on the pregnancy journal too, as I'm already starting to show. I'm ready for the weekend to start. I didn't feel very good today & went into work at noon. I think I'm needing sleep & its wearing on me & bringing me down. I got 8 hours last night then 3 more this morning but I'm sure I'll fall right to sleep tonight too. It's amazing how tired you get when you are pregnant. I know my body is working overtime & I need to allow myself to relax & rest. I sort of have a problem with that. I feel like I'm always on the go, go, go. Well, we're off to say good-bye to Jeffrey & Miranda. They're leaving for Europe in the morning. We're so jealous but happy for them to have a wonderful vacation. Miranda has never been so she'll love it. Have a nice evening. Go ahead & start your weekend early!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Well, we're back

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted. We made it back late Wednesday night & then haven't stopped going, going, going until tonight. The Gunselman's came into town Friday & left today so we've been super busy since we got back. I think we're going to be home now for a while, at least during June that is. We had a great trip. No flight problems or major delays. We were the last ones to board our connecting flight from Phoenix to OKC due to our plane leaving LV like 20 minutes late. We only had about an hour to connect to begin with. But we made it, just had to take our dinner on board or we wouldn't eaten till 10:30 that night. We got into the hotel just fine & had a great room. The bed & pillows were awesome! You just melted right into the bed. It was hot everyday, like 98 or 100, but wasn't awful. The hotels are so huge, it's amazing. And we walked A LOT! I'd like to know actually how many miles we walked during our stay. My favorite thing was definitely the Bellagio fountains. They were so awesome, choreographed to each song. Very neat. We went to an outlet mall, which was about 30 minutes away from the strip. It actually took us 1 1/2 hours to get there due to traffic & then we stayed for 3 1/2 hours cause we had to wait for the bus to come back & get us. I did it. I got sucked into the "Coach Phenomenon" going on right now. Of course, I've been wanting one since they started getting popular but hadn't talked G into dropping the money for one. BUT, there was a Coach outlet store in the mall & my sweet & loving husband bought me one for our anniversary! I couldn't believe it but I love it! He did say that he is predicting this trend to fall in the same category as the Dr. Marten boots did. They were so popular & expensive but it didn't last too long & now everyone has a pair packed away in their closet collecting dust! We'll see. Anyways, all in all we had a great trip. Saw the sights, got a little sun by the pool, & ate some good food but it's always good to be home! I'll post our pics hopefully tomorrow, when I figure out how to do it. It's too late to try now! Hope everyone had a great week & holiday too. Now it's back to the grind! Happy Monday!