Friday, July 16, 2010

Sooner baby....

I snapped these in our front yard this morning & love them! He is such a great picture taker cause he smiles all the time! I can't help but say he's the cutest kid's my blog & I'll say what I want about my kids! I really took these for my dad cause I know he'd love to have one for his desk. Boomer Sooner!

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July......

We celebrated the 4th with the Gunselman's again this year but I think we all enjoyed this year better than last since we were trying to get their house ready to sell last year. We just relaxed this year by eating, swimming, watching a movie, making homemade ice cream & just letting the kids play a lot. It's funny how we can go from no kids to 4 & one on the way in just 3 1/2 years! No more days of us 4 playing Battle of the Sexes till 1 a.m.! Dixie is due in a month of so with their 3rd & they are getting a girl this time! So excited to meet her! A fun weekend & there is never a dull moment when we get together! Dixie, me & Rosson watching the fireworks show.
Doug & Gavan

The kids watching the show.....Jaylen watched the whole thing like this but still enjoyed them!

Jaylen & Ethan with their sparklers!

Gavan giving Jaylen her first sparkler!

The best pic we got of all 4 after church that night.
Owen (22 months), Ethan (3 1/2), Jaylen (2 1/2), Rosson (6 1/2 months)

So sweet..... they barely wore clothes the whole weekend!

Trying to get a pic....

The best one!

Minnesota trip....

I've been sorting through pictures today & trying to get things organized & caught up so I'm just now posting about our Minnesota trip. My kids & I went with my parents to a cousin's wedding several weeks ago & had a great time. Our longest day in the car on the way up there was 12 hours & I couldn't of asked for better car traveling out of the kids. No crying or meltdowns the entire drive. Thanks to Grandma for all the "surprises" for the kids along the way too.....I know that helped the car ride. The weather was awesome as it didn't get above 80 the entire time we were there & we enjoyed campfires at the lake with a sweatshirt on at night! We got to see lots of family & everyone got to meet Rosson & see Jaylen again (most hadn't seen her since she was 1). Jaylen got to play with her cousins & I loved watching her play. I grew up going up to Minnesota every summer & playing on the same lake shore with my cousins so it was pretty surreal to see her playing with my cousin's children......the next generation. All in all, it was a great trip but we did miss Gavan quite a bit since he stayed home to work.

Some of the cousins jumping on the tramp during the reception

The kids & I on our dock at Potato beautiful up there.
Grandma bought them their cute hats....they Beach Dude & Beach Princess from Minnesota on them.
Enjoying the lake even if it was a little chilly.

Rosson dipping his feet in with Grandma...

Despite the cold water, she still ended up in only her pulll-up....

Jaylen got to "ride" (sit on) my cousin Tonya's horse & thought it was pretty fun. She kept
wanting to ride her colt (that's what she is pointing at) but settled for the nice, calm one.

Maida ( my cousin Kara's 3 year old) & Jaylen (2 1/2).......they had some fun times. Reminded me a lot of Kara & I playing together when we were little girls!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

6 1/2 months.......

Rosson had his 6 month check up yesterday, a little late but oh well, & he is as healthy as can be. He weighed in at 24 lbs & was 30 inches long........95-100%. Yes people, he is a big baby, so this was not a shocker to me. He is such a happy baby & is in happy/smiley mode about 90% of the time! He is rolling over both ways, sitting up almost all by himself, eating baby food, jabbering all the time & is in constant motion. No teeth yet but drooling has picked back up & anything & everything goes into his mouth, if his hands aren't already in there! Lately, he's been trying to put his toes in his mouth & suck on those too! He loves his big sister & is always watching, smiling & laughing at her. It's pretty cute to watch. He started sleeping through the night finally at 5 months when I started putting him on his stomach, which has been a nice change for my nights. We are so blessed to have him in our family......not too mention my arms get a constant workout from carrying my adorable 24 lb weight! Hopefully they stay friends forever.....
What he does & drool!

L O V E this sweet boy!

He can bend all the way over & suck on his toes.....pretty amazing with his big belly in the way.

Gettin' those toes.....
Just documenting the cute rolls! If they were only cute on big people too.....