Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ok, let's review....

Wow, now that I'm finished with 3 birthdays & 2 holidays over that last month & half, I can start to blog again. First, we had Jaylen's 3rd birthday on November 19th. Can't believe she's 3!!!!

"Triplet Party" with Addi & Viv

Jay & her cake.....she's holding up a 3! She loves Jessie & Bullseye!

The fam at her birthday party

Grandma showing the back of the shirt I made Jay...."Yee-haw!"

Pin the tail on Bullseye!

Opening her doctor's kit
Then it was onto Thanksgiving in Wichita at my parent's house. Here are the kids playing Just Dance on the Wii.....such a fun game & quite a workout!

Macy, Ethan & Jaylen

The big kids...Ethan (almost 4), Jaylen (3), Macy (2 1/2) & Owen (2)

Such sweet friends!

Then it was onto Gavan's 30th birthday on December 15th. I had a party for him with lots of yummy goodies & friends but didn't take any pictures....sorry babe.
2 days later it was Rosson's 1st birthday on December 17th.

My sweet boy & I....just love him SO much!

The fam at Rosson's party

Opening some trucks & cars....his first much needed "boy" toys!

This quilt was hand-stitched by his namesake, his great-great grandma Rosson, & hand-quilted by his grandma (my mom)! Such a sweet gift & something he will have forever! Thanks Mom!

Birthday boy & his little cake!

Ummm.....yeah, I think he liked it!