Thursday, April 26, 2007

Heading north

We're going to my parent's house in Wichita tomorrow to spend the weekend with the family. Michael & Katie are riding with us too. The boys are going to play a little golf & the girls are going to hit some garage sales! So excited for it too! I'm always up for a good deal, eventhough I'm not looking for anything in particular. It's been a good week I guess but I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. I can't believe that April is almost over. Before I know it, 2007 will be half way over. Time flies. Excited about the new Grey's tonight. I've been in a little suspense from last week. Have a told you how much I enjoy Thursdays?! I love Thursday night TV. We just sit & relax on the couch all night watching our favorite shows! We just got back from a 30 minute walk so I don't feel too bad about lounging all night! I think we've finalized our trip dates for Minnesota. We're going up north with Michael, Katie, Doug, Dixie, & Ethan in late July. It will be a week filled with golf, campfires, grilling, swimming, lake activities, family, & just lounging. A ton of my mom's side relatives live up there so it will be fun to see everyone. My cousin Kara who lives up there is expecting in like 5 days so we're all waiting for the baby to come. Hopefully we'll get to see them when we go. Well, my buzzer just went off & the Tony's pizza is finished! Time for dinner & couch! Have a great weekend! Hopefully the weather will be wonderful!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Garage sale season

Yes, its that time of year, garage sale season that is. Miranda & I got started about 8:00 Saturday morning & tried to hit some neighborhood wide sales but we were a little disappointed at the showing. The neighborhood sales really were like 4 houses & all pretty hard to find. Pet peave #1: If you are having a garage sale, put more than one sign up at the entrance of your edition. Don't let us go on a wild goose chase to find your sale. Pet peave #2: Don't put "Huge Sale" on your sign & then only have one table and some junk in a box that isn't even marked. I did manage to get a $2 pitcher that is super cute & looks like Pottery Barn. We found a free sale too. Miranda got like 30 beanie babies for her classroom & I got a NIKE bat bag for our nephews for FREE! We felt like we were stealing cause we were just stuffing all those beanie babies in the bat bag before anyone else took them! It was fun. I worked in the yard for several hours today fixing our flower beds. We stopped at TLC after lunch & used the gift card that Steph got us on Faith's due date. She thought we could plant something that would come back each year to remind us of her. We bought a Lamb's Ear plant that is green and the leaves are very, very soft. I put pink & purple flowers around that plant too. We really like it. Thank you so Steph. It was very thoughtful. Well I'm off to shower & then see how much sun I really got today. Gavan keeps saying my back is getting redder by the minute. Hey, how come you really can't see your sunburn until after you get out of the shower? Hmmm.....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just stuff

I put some video clips on here for all of you Office fans. If you haven't ever watched it, you should. Gavan loves Dwight. He's pretty funny. I'm alone tonight cause Gavan is playing a couple of softball games. I just thought I'd catch up on a few things. I think I said before that we weren't selling our house and that is still the same. However, we are thinking about doing a little remodel to our kitchen and building a laundry room right off the kitchen. We'll go into the garage a little but we will still be able to get our car in there. It will be nice to have the laundry inside, especially on those cold and rainy days. We're looking into that so we'll see. We got new bedroom furniture a few weeks ago too. I'll try to get some pics on here of it. It's hump day, which is good but tomorrow is Harper's funeral, which will sad for us. Again, our heart breaks for Zach & Haley and their loss. I pray for peace & comfort for them & their families. For all of you who haven't filed your taxes, shame on you. You've got like 6 days or something! Well, I'm off to spend time with Paisley. Have a good night!

Sunday, April 8, 2007


I can't believe that it actually snowed on Easter weekend. Of course nothing stuck to the ground but snow flurries were flying around for a while. My parents came down Friday night and then all 4 of us went to Lookeba for Easter weekend at the Byrds. We had a great time. Mom & Dad got to see our nephews & neice who they hadn't seen in quite a while. It's always a good time when those boys are around. Keeps everyone on their toes and laughing & the things they will say! This pic is of the boys and Gavan & his dad. Fun, fun. My heart goes out to Zach & Haley and the loss of Harper. My prayer for them is for peace & comfort in their hearts. God has her home with Him now. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. Hello Monday morning.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Oh, my tummy!

Well, the Gunselman's came down this past weekend for a visit. The boys had a fantasy baseball draft on Sunday so we convinced Doug that he needed to be here for it so they decided to take a roadtrip to come see us. They did have to sort of drive through a tornado to get here but finally made it safe and sound. They didn't get to see the 4 1/2 inches of rain that poured down on us though. That was quite amazing. I don't think I've ever seen that much rain in my life! We had a great weekend with them though. Oh my, my tummy hurts! I've been battling a flu bug that past 2 days. Nobody else has it that I know of so I must of picked it up from someone in a store or something. I'm on the up and up now so I should be good to get back to work tomorrow. It just wipes you out for a few days, that's for sure! To update you all on our house, we decided NOT to sell right now. It is just not the right time for us and we'll save more money staying put! We love our house, neighbors and area for now so we're staying! I really didn't want to pack everything anyways! That's such a big job. I guess I should go shower since it's been a couple of days since I have. I know, that's gross but you really don't care when you feel like poop! Later.