Thursday, January 31, 2008

So sweet......

I love how Jaylen changes daily and does new things all the time. Tonight when Gavan got home from work, I was sitting on the couch feeding Jaylen and as soon as he started talking to us she let the bottle fall out of her mouth, turned her head right towards him and gave him a big smile! I think it melted his heart that she did that cause she hasn't smiled at him much at all yet. It was such a sweet moment.

Her newest thing right now is that her hands have found her mouth. She sucks on them a lot. She hasn't gotten her thumb inside yet but I'm sure it will be there soon. She still takes a paci too but seems to not take it quite as much lately. Maybe she's slowly switching to her thumb instead of a paci. Not sure what we want.....a thumb sucker or paci baby. Hmmmm...........

Wee tooks some adorable pics of Jaylen and we're working on her announcements. Here is a sweet one of her.

10 weeks old

I tag....

Oooops......I hit enter before I tagged my people.

I tag:
Dixie, Katie, Kara, Ginny, Myra

I got tagged.....

Suzanne tagged me and yes, I'm up at 1:28 a.m. cause Jaylen woke up, so I thought I'd post while she's falling asleep in her swing!

The Rules: Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share 5 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog. or Share the 5 top places on your “want to see or want to see again” list. or Share 5 things you never pictured being in your future when your were 25 years old. Tag a minimum of 5, maximum of 10 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. The tagees have a choice of which they want to do.

Random/Weird facts about me:
1. I've watched every single episode of ER that's ever run on tv.
2. I went to Minnesota almost every summer growing up as a kid to visit my Grandpa and many crazy northern relatives!
3. I wanted to be a veternarian when I was a little girl.
4. My family got chased by a grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park (my mom has it on video).
5. About every 3 hair appointments I decide to either grow it out or cut it short again (always get bored with my hair!).

Well, those facts aren't too interesting but it's all I've got right now. I'm tired and want to go to bed. I don't hear anything coming from the swing so maybe she's asleep again. It's going to be cold and snowy tomorrow but of course the weather gets bad on the day that I actually do have to leave the house! I'm getting my teeth cleaned by Tiff and then hanging out with my sis. Hopefully I'll be cavity free again! Fingers crossed.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Diet and exercise really does work......

Yes, its true. The good old diet and exercise does help you trim down and lose some weight. Slowly but surely I'm getting back down to pre-pregnancy size. Everyday I try on something non-maturnity, mainly pants, to see if I can fit into them and when I can it is truly a joyous occasion. I ran into the living room with a pair of pants on Saturday night that I haven't worn in over a year and a half to show Gavan and ask him if they looked okay. He laughed and said yes, of course. Good times.

I really didn't want to go to my group fitness class today but after Elizabeth kicked our butts I'm glad I did. Why is it that you always feel better after you work out? Nevertheless, she knows what she's doing cause it's working!

Jaylen had a big weekend cause she got to see both sets of grandparents! My mom couldn't believe how much she'd changed in the past 3 weeks. She said she looked like a different baby. She'll be back this weekend for Katie's shower. Can't believe Macy will be here so soon! Jaylen can't wait to meet her cousin and partner in crime!

Here's a sweet 4 generation pic of my dad and grandma. Jaylen is her first great-grandchild so as you can imagine she was so excited to see her at christmas. She threw her a little Welcome to the World party. It was sweet.

By the way, I think Gavan & his dad talked themselves into buying a boat this week. Nice one.......I didn't think I'd really ever wear a swimsuit again, at least not in public!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Red Box

I know most of you are saying that you've been enjoying the Red Box for quite some time now but we just recently started using it. We finally got smart and dropped our Netflix account cause we would keep a movie forever, finally watch it and never use our quota for the month. It was only a $13 charge but still. We have a nice Red Box at our Neighborhood Wallyworld right by our house and love it. I've visited it twice this week already! For those of you not using the Red Box.........use it. It's the smart thing to do.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This was taken after we got home from church, lunch and a baby shower. She was worn out and ready to get into some comfortable pj's!

Sweet baby Jaylen in her Sunday dress..........still too small for all her shoes!

Jaylen had her first official smile! She smiles after she eats when she's falling asleep and she randomly smiles at other things but Monday night she smiled back to me as I was talking to her. It was so fun to get a reaction from her! Hopefully she'll start to do it more now!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tweety bandaids make it feel better.........well not really.

2 month check up.......

Well, Jaylen had her 2 month appointment this morning. She weighs 9 lb 10 oz and is 21 inches long. I was expecting around 9 lbs so we were excited for her to be more than that. Dr. Stephens said she looked great and seemed to be doing very well for being premature. She did pretty good with the shots. As soon as she got stuck with the first one, she screamed and got so red in the face but then only cried for a couple of minutes after it was all done. Once we got home, she ate and has been sleeping ever since. She's such a good baby and hopefully she stays that way. I did better watching her get the shots than I thought I would. The nurse did them super fast and then handed her right to me. We're going to start to let her sleep through the night with the suggestions he gave us so we'll see how she does. We'll start the transition after a day or 2 when she feels okay from the shots.

We still can't believe she's 2 months old. She has changed our lives so much and has brought so much joy to our lives in the short amount of time she's been here. I know she'll grow up too fast for us but we truly cherish everyday. Thank God for children. They are the love of our lives.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some pics.....

I thought I'd post some pics to compare Jaylen to her daddy. EVERYONE says she looks just like her daddy. She has my skin tone and my nose but that's about it.

These are all pics of Jaylen when she was first born and then within the first week.

These next 2 are of Gavan when he was born. It's hard to tell with them being scanned in and the posted on the blog but Jaylen is pretty much a clone to him!

Here are a couple of Gavan and Jaylen.

Here are just a couple others of Jaylen. We couldn't get over how much hair she had and the color that it was!

We were informed right after she was born that she had a birthmark. We're glad that it is at her hairline so it shouldn't be too noticable. It's pretty big for a birthmark. Neither Gavan or I have one but Gavan's grandma and neice both had one on the back of their neck too but theirs is a light red color. Interesting. We'll just have to get it checked annually by a dermatologist to make sure it isn't changing size or shape.

Here is Jaylen yesterday. Can't believe she's 2 monts old! Look at those chubby cheeks!

Birth story/delivery day.....

Well, I thought I'd finally tell you all how Jaylen finally arrived into this world. I know several have asked me how everything happened with me being on the pump so, here goes. Stay with me as I feel it will be a long post.

I had a scheduled appointment at 36 weeks to see how I was doing, how big Jaylen was and to hopefully get the pump taken off. I hadn't had any changes to my contractions at this point. I was still having like 10+ a day (not the kind that hurt but I knew everytime I had one). I had been having contractions since 25 weeks so they were old news to me. I had been dilated to a 2 and about 70% effaced for the past month as well. I get to the doctor around 1:30 p.m. and she "checks" me and laughs as she says I'm dilated to about a 4 1/2 or 5 and pretty much completely thinned out! I had absolutely no idea. She said it would be happening soon and to take out that pump! You don't realize the feeling I got when I took the port out of my leg! I seriously felt free from any medication and it was a great feeling. Kind of weird though cause I'd been on it for so long.

We left her office knowing that it probably would be happening within the next 24 hours. Gavan went back to work to finish the day and tie up any loose ends for the next week. I knew that I needed just a couple of things before she got here so what did I do? Go home and lay back down on the couch? Heck no! After 7 weeks of laying down, I was so thrilled to be able to walk and not have people tell me to lay down. So Mom and I went to Target. I know, I are saying, "Are you crazy? You are dilated to a 5!". No, my water didn't break (not sure how cause when I got to the hospital my nurse said the bag was "bulging out") and I'm thankful of that. That was one of my fears. We get home around 3:30 p.m. and I start to pack up my things. The contractions started to come quicker and quicker. Gavan got home shortly thereafter to help get things ready (he hadn't packed a thing at this point, of course). It was quite a scene with us running around and Mom getting super excited and nervous. She was writing down the time when I would have a contraction. I would yell out, "Here's another one!" and she'd start to almost squeal!

So we get to the hospital about 5:30 p.m. and get checked in. They get me into a gown and "check" me again. Now I'm about a 6 and completely effaced. Dr. Huff came in and told me the game plan. I got my epidural, which was no problem at all. The anesthesiologist was super nice and talked me through the whole thing. It started working pretty quickly and was great. At this point, I still haven't had any pain from contractions or anything. Dr. Huff came back and broke my water, which just felt like I had peed in my pants and it was trickling down my legs. Nice. She left and came back just a little later. "Checked" me again and said I was ready to go but not to do anything! She said "Don't push, whatever you do!". She went and did a C-section on a lady who had a 11 pound boy (who Gavan said looked like a giant compared to Jaylen in the nursery). She came back and said "Let's go". The room completely changed as it turned into a delivery room. The bed broke down, the baby warmer was brought in, Dr. Huff got all her scrubs and stuff on, and this huge table was wheeled in with all sorts of instruments on it. I just didn't really look at all of them or think of what they would be used for!

I can feel nothing from my waist down so they had to tell me when I was having a contraction. I pushed for about 20-25 minutes and she was almost here. Her heartrate dropped significantly and Dr. Huff said she needed to get her out immediately. She had to use the vacuum but she came out within 1 minute, Gavan said. The cord had been around her neck and she came out super fast so she didn't breathe for while after she came out. She was born at 8:48 p.m. I could see her across the room and she was as blue as can be. Dr. Huff was very calm and kept working on me so it kept us calm. Finally after what felt like ages, she started crying and pinking up right away!

She had a little conehead for a while but did great. She didn't need oxygen or anything. She weighed 5 lbs 10 oz and was 19 inches long, in case some of you forgot. Well, that's pretty much it. So to recap.....I went to my appointment at 1:30, checked into the hospital at 5:30, and delivered at 8:48. I know some of you are cursing at me for having such a fast delivery but I say that God blessed me with a speedy delivery because: 1. that is what I prayed for! and 2. I had such a bad pregnancy.

I did have to work so hard to get Jaylen here but everything was worth it the moment she was born. I remember feeling a huge weight lifted when she came out and thinking how I would do it all over again to have the joyful feeling I was having seeing my daughter come into the world! We love her so much and continue to be amazed with her everyday. Children change you life in such a drastic way but they truly are a gift from God!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hello soreness......

Well, I signed myself up for Elizabeth's 5 week workout class that meets on Mondays at her gym. Yesterday was my first day and I did pretty good considering I was on bedrest for 2 months and Jaylen is 8 weeks old. It's been a while since this body has exercized! But I'm definately feeling it today but like Lisa said it is a good thing! I'm excited about it and am hoping it helps me get back in shape. Thanks to Elizabeth for offering the class and getting me hooked up.

I'm really starting to try to eat better and snack on healthy things other than chips or goodies. I'm buying lots of fruit and trying to fix more veggies for dinner. I bought some talapia and salmon to fix and see how we like it too. It's always more expensive to eat healthy but so worth it when it comes to what we are putting in our body. Having a child who you want to be healthy really makes you think about how you are living!

Well, she's napping so I better get some things done. I've learned that you have to not only sleep when the baby is sleeping but work when she's sleeping too!

Friday, January 11, 2008

My new best friend.....

Well, no I haven't met someone new to be my new best friend but I am in love with my new Swiffer WetJet. I got it for christmas and can't tell you how much I should of had one a long time ago. This is the one that mops tile, wood, laminate, whatever you want. It has scrubbing pads that you throw away when you are finished and they just velcro onto the bottom of the swiffer. There are 2 different cleaning solutions you use, 1 for wood and 1 for everything else. You just pop one on and off you go. It is so much better than the horrible mop I was using with soap and water. I'm sure this cleans better than the old mop head too. I would suggest you get one of these if you don't already have one, especially if you have wood floors. It makes a huge difference to the look of them. The solutions smell nice and fresh too!

I went to Andrea's house today and picked out lots of bows and headbands for Miss Jaylen. I can't wait to get them and let Jay start wearing them. She'll be too cute! She's growing so much. I've retired almost all of her preemie clothes and onesies now and she's in the newborn size. Most of the 0-3 month clothes are still too big but it just depends on the brand. We took her newborn head support out of her carseat too. It makes me sad but glad too cause she's growing so much. I've had other moms say that they love the stage their baby is at but hate it when they grow out of it and I know they feeling now. I love all her stages and am always happy when the next one comes along and we're just in the beginning! They grow up so fast.
The walks are going much better now. I think she was just chilly on the first one. My parents got her a SnugBug so now she stays all snuggly warm. I'm starting to get my walk done in the morning so I make sure and do it. If I put if off too long, it might not get done! This is the stroller we ended up getting. I really like it so far.

So glad to finally get back to MRCC this Sunday. We were gone I think every weekend in December for family christmases and stuff. Have a good weekend to everyone!

Monday, January 7, 2008

We're finally back....

Well, after four straight weekends gone for family christmases we're home. I told Jaylen we weren't going anywhere overnight for a while now. I think she was getting tired of a new bed every 4-5 days and so was mom and dad! She sleeps great when we're home, as in we wake her up to eat every 3 or so hours. She is such a good sleeper and we are SO glad! She never slept like this when we were gone so there were some long nights for us. We were with my dad's side of the family this past weekend and boy was Jaylen the center of attention. I don't think she was ever put down except when she went to sleep. Jaylen is my grandma's first great-grandchild so she was super excited to get to finally hold her. She came to see us after Jaylen was born but it happened to be when she went back to the hospital for jaundice so she only saw her under the lights with the goggles on and stuff. Anyways, she couldn't get enough kisses from her!

We had a great holiday season and obviously had so much to be thankful for. She was our best gift and we are absolutely in love with her. She is getting bigger everyday and changes so quickly we can hardly believe it. She goes for her 2 month check up next Friday and gets her first set of shots. They just grow up so fast.

Well, here's some pics from our christmases with our families. Both grandma's had bought a couple of holiday outfits but she grew out of both preemie sleepers in early December and then could only fit into one of the bigger ones. Enjoy!

The Gunselmans stopped in for a quick visit and when they got here we opened our door to find this handsome young man with a bouquet of roses for Jaylen! E-man is already a ladies man! It was so cute!

Me & Dixie with our babies

5 generation picture...Gavan, Jaylen, Deloris (G's g-ma), Bev (G's mom),Lagolia (G's great-gma)

Bev, Dennis and their 6 grandkids

Sweet christmas baby!

Here we are at my parent's house ready for more presents. This is the second time in my life when I've had to call my parents on the way home for christmas and ask for directions! They just moved into this house a couple months ago.

Mom got us all pj's & slippers to wear for christmas. Here are the girls.....

And the boys......lovely.

The siblings........

Grandmother & Grandpa with their first grandbaby. I think they are loving being grandparents. My mom's memory stick is probaly full of Jaylen pictures alone!

My adorable little the red shoes mom got her!

I just love my sweet Jay.

For those of you who have been asking about the day Jaylen was born and everything that happened.....I'm going to post about it soon. I just keep forgetting to do it but it'll be coming. Oh yeah, we went for a walk today cause it was so nice. Jaylen definately didn't like the new stroller. She cried the entire time. Not sure why so we'll try again but it'll be a while before we get weather like today again I'm sure.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Now off to Coffeyville, KS.......

Well, we're off to our 3rd holiday weekend in a row to celebrate christmas. This weekend we are celebrating with my dad's side of the family, which we do every year. There over 20 of us that draw names and all that fun stuff. Hopefully after this weekend we can stay home for a while. I can't believe Jaylen is sleeping so well with all of our traveling around in this past month! We wake her up to feed her pretty much every night, especially when we're home and she's in her own crib. We are very lucky but she still could "wake up" and start not sleeping!

We can't believe that Jaylen is 6 1/2 weeks old. She's really starting to fill out and is just about out of preemie clothes. She has been out of her preemie sleepers for a couple of weeks cause she's too long for them. I had my 6 week checkup yesterday so now I get to start getting back into shape. I'm not starting till after this weekend cause we'll be eating and snacking non-stop. Maybe I can get our new stroller out and see how I like it. I'll post some pics when we get back and we get settled down a bit. Hope you all had a good week and a good weekend.