Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hydro Fair...

Gotta love the Hydro Fair!  We had so much fun!
Rosson & I on the carosel!

 Rosson really wanted to ride the big ferris wheel!  Gavan took both the big kids on it & they loved every minute!
 I guess the kiddie ferris wheel just didn't cut it...
 Jaylen, Rosson, Ethan & Owen on the airplanes!
Rosson & G on the train.

Friday, August 17, 2012

3 months & First day of Pre-K....

This is quickly becoming a monthly posting blog but I'll try to keep up.  With another child, an IPhone & Facebook the blog gets put on the back burner unfortunately!  But yes, Mr. Easton turned 3 months last week & as you can see he is filling out quite nicely!  He's the best baby with a great personality.  Always happy & smiling plus sleeping through the night....couldn't ask for more.  He's completed our little family perfectly & is adored by his siblings too.  He's still losing his hair, which I'm sad about, but the hair he does still have still sticks up in a mohawk so that's good!

Just like my other 2, he's already starting to love his blankie!

Today was a big day around here cause Miss Jaylen started Pre-K!!!  She has been counting down today on a calendar since the beginning of August & was very excited!  She did awesome....I know she is going to have a great year.

When I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up, she said scientist.  It will be interesting to see how it changes from year to year! 

2 pretty proud parents with our big/little girl!  Couldn't love her anymore!