Sunday, November 27, 2011

The princess party....

Jaylen had a princess party & loved every single minute of it. In fact, she said that people were leaving to soon when they started to leave!

The fam (even the baby bump!) after the party!

Our sweet princess.....ready for the party!

Snow White was a surprise visitor at the party. She brought Jay a gift, which was a book, then read it to all the little girls. She met each one & took pictures with them all. She was a hit!

Snow White & Jaylen

She wanted pumpkin muffins this year instead of a cake.....fine with me cause they are my favorite too! Ready to blow out her candle....


Princess "4" shirt & tutu (of course!).....wonder how long she'll let me make her one of these!

The "triplets" at our annual triplet party.

Addi, Jay & Viv......such big girls now!

Getting her spankins' (her choice over hugs!) at Sonshine School!

Can't get this second picture off so you get 2...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

4 a.m......really, kids?

Rosson woke up screaming at 2:30 this morning & would not go back to sleep. I think he's got a 2 year molar trying to come in. Gave him some tylenol but he was still crying & saying "hold you momma" so I decided to go downstairs with him to calm him down. Apparently he woke up Jaylen cause here she came walking down the stairs wide's almost 4 a.m. now. So, what do we do at 4 a.m.? We watch the entire movie of Toy Story 3. My thinking was they'd get drowsy after just a little bit of snuggling on the couch & fall back asleep.....nope. Both still awake when it was over & so was I. Luckily, Rosson let me put him back in his crib & he fell right to sleep. I laid with Jay for a little bit till she fell asleep & crawled back in my bed about 6:30. Thankfully the kids slept till 8:30 & Gavan let me sleep till 10 but still not the night I had in mind.

It's a good thing I love these 2 cutie patooties so much!

Friday, November 18, 2011

4 years old....

This sweet preemie is 4 years old tomorrow! Can't believe how much of a big girl she is now!

Happy Birthday Miss Jaylen Jane!

She's just a tad bit excited about her princess party tomorrow.....

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tea with Belle...

Aunt Myra took Jaylen to Tea with Belle at OC this weekend. She was very excited to go & wanted to look pretty so i curled her hair. Poor girl has such straight hair that the curls were gone by the time she came home an hour later. She had fun but told me she didn't want to meet Gaston cause he wasn't nice in the movie! Thanks Myra for taking her....she loves you!