Friday, March 23, 2012

I know they'll be best buds....

For those of you who missed this on Facebook, here is Rosson talking about Easton. He's finally getting the concept that this baby is coming soon! This just melts my heart & I know they are going to be best buds one day!


I hit 31 weeks Wednesday & am still doing great......except for the heartburn, breathlessness, sore feet, waking up during the night & not going back to sleep for an hour & that basketball that keeps inflating in my belly!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Just about 10 weeks.....

In just about 10 weeks or less, we'll be adding another sweet baby boy to this couple of kids!
They are such sweet friends & know that Easton will become one of their buddies too.
I'm sure the mother hen will show her youngest brother how to brush his teeth too.....
And read books to him.....
And drink milk with him too!
Can't believe I've only got 10 weeks of my 'being pregnant' days. I've actually had several moments this last week when I've felt a bit sad cause this last pregnancy has gone so fast & I haven't slowed down that much to really cherish it. It's just the last time I'll be pregnant, be able to feel a sweet little miracle kicking inside of me & that means its our last child too! We both are completely satisfied with our decision to complete our family with 3 kiddos but I still get a little sappy about it sometimes. This has been my best pregnancy yet so I really hope it continues these last several weeks. We're hoping for a safe & uneventful delivery as well cause the other 2 have been fast & full of scary moments.
2012 is going to full of LOTS of changes in our life but I'm excited & ready for them! I feel SO blessed with my life right now so I know what God has in store for us is just going to be a bonus!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Princess Tea with Daddy.....

It was time for the princess tea at church so, of course, Jaylen was extremely excited! She told Gavan that she wanted him to look handsome cause she was wearing a pretty dress & she wanted me to curl her hair. She was literally bouncing up & down when they walked out the door. Everyone says she looks just like me in this picture, which I see, but I think she looks just like Gavan too!

Macy & Jay


Getting her nails painted...she had a ball!