Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Welp, it's Friday again & I'm just now posting again! G & Wee got off work early today for the holiday weekend so they went golfing & I'm just catching up on some things at my computer. Doug & Dixie are coming into town tonight to spend the long weekend with us. Doug is taking my ticket to the OU game so Dixie, Ethan & I will watch it from the comforts of our home! Can't wait to see Ethan. He's getting his top teeth in now!

I had a doctor's appt yesterday, actually 2. We had another ultrasound and she is right on track for growth, actually almost a week ahead. Everything looks great & we got a few more pictures of her. I had my blood glucose testing yesterday after that but we won't know results until next week. I've been having daily Braxon Hicks contractions (not sure on that spelling) and also found out that I'm having other preterm labor symptoms. Nothing to worry about but we're being pretty cautious. I've been limited to no exercise, like I was doing much anyways, off my feet as much as possible, & basically don't do anything strenuous. This is really hard for me but I'm really trying to rest and relax as much as possible. I'm going back in 2 weeks and she'll check me again to see if anything has changed. Hopefully the contractions won't get anymore intense and things will settle down. I've still got 15 weeks to go so hopefully she'll stay put for at least a couple more months. Other than that, I only gained 2 pounds this time & everything else is great.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! Enjoy that extra day! Be safe if you're traveling & don't forget to watch the Sooners! Boomer Sooner!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Pet Peve #1

Not sure if I spelled "Pet Peve" correctly but, oh well. So my pet peve for the week is when our neighbor's daughter, who doesn't live in our neighbor's house, parks her new black jeep in front of our house. I'm assuming she's parking under the shade of our huge tree but I'm not sure on that. All I know is that lately when I get home from work she's parked right in front of my house when there is nobody parked in front of her mom's house, not to mention their driveway has room in it for her to park. Besides, we have a house guest for the next 3 weeks who needs to park in front of our house. AND, it's not like this girl is young and doesn't realize you should park in front of your own house. She's like 50 years old! Aaaahhh.....I don't know why it bothers me but, seriously, park at your own house, lady!

Yes, above I said we have a house guest for the next 3 weeks. Our friend, Brandon or AKA "Wee" started his new job here in OKC & can't get into his apartment for a month so he's occupying our guestroom. This was his first week with us and it's been great. He bought some groceries, put away the dishes from the dishwasher, and helped G with the yard by weedeating it. Wee is starting to realize what the "real world" is by going to work 8-5 and having deadlines and all kinds of fun stuff. Welcome to the rest of your life, Wee!

I went to a jewelry party last night at G's Aunt Sharbee's house in Yukon. Thanks to Miranda going as my guest, I got home with a free pair of earrings. I told Miranda we could share them if she wanted! The lady selling the jewelry met us at the door and introduced herself & told us to feel free to try on jewelry and get a snack in the kitchen. After she went into the other room, I must of had a bad look on my face cause Miranda was like, "What?". I told her that lady was my night nurse from Lakeside, when I had Faith, & I didn't really like her! For one, she stuck me multiple times trying to get my IV in my arm. After 3 different places & 2 blown IV's, she finally got it. She was just very gruff & sort of insensitive towards us, I thought. Not too mention a few other details while I was in labor, but I'll spare you on that. Nevertheless, as soon as she starting talking to me last night, it took me right back to that hospital bed & I knew exactly who she was. I didn't remind her that she was my nurse either but it was still a little weird for me! She was also the nurse who shaved off one of my friends' moles while she was at Lakeside! What are the odds of her selling the jewelry at the party last night?! Oh well, I'm just going to request not to have her in December, if at all possible!

Well, it's finally Friday & I don't have to work on Monday! I'm so pumped. I hate going to work on Mondays so I will not be sad on Sunday night! I'm going to sleep in, have lunch with G, go find the perfect baby book, & hopefully find some material for my curtains I'm going to make in the kitchen. Just take it easy on my day off. G said that everytime I have some time off, I fill it with hard work and never just relax so I'm having a day of leisure time doing what I want to do! Hope everyone has a great weekend. The weather is supposed to be cooler, which is awesome. Bring on the Fall! Only 29 days until the first day of Fall! I can't wait!

Friday, August 17, 2007


So I hit enter after typing in the title of the post and it posted! So, where did the week go? I can't believe it's been a week since my last post. We officially have the kitchen done, or at least the major stuff. They only things we lack now are a switch plate cover, rugs and curtains, which will be coming soon. Last night we cleaned everything up as well as the rest of the house and I'm so loving it! I love a clean house, especially when I get finished doing it. It just feels good to know everything is clean! We are very pleased with how the kitchen turned out and can't believe that we did all the work! It was very time consuming but worth it. So, I treated myself to a delux spa pedicure today, since it is my afternoon off. G said I deserved it since I worked too hard, especially being a pregnant lady! I love pedicures. I wish I could have someone massage lotion into my calves and feet for like 5 hours. It's heaven! Now I'm just catching up on some emails and blogs and am just going to relax till G gets home. We're going to go see The Bourne Ultimatum tonight. I guess Matt Damon was in town for the premiere just walking around Bricktown or something. Too bad I didn't just happen to bump into him! The family is coming down this weekend too. We're celebrating mom's bday Saturday night & Myra is moving into OC on Sunday afternoon! We're so excited for her and she's excited to be here too! She's moving into the University House, which is pretty cool. Grandma's coming and everything. We're also going to a 75th birthday party/ family reunion Saturday afternoon for G's grandma's brother, not sure what he is to us, in Dover, OK at the community center. Should be fun. At least it is inside & we're having steaks for lunch! Not too shabby. The latest newsflash on the pregnancy is that my thighs are officially rubbing together at the top! Yep, real nice especially when its 101 degrees outside. Seriously, I know I'm gaining weight for my baby girl but are my thighs going to keep getting wider & wider? By December I'll only be able to wear a moo-moo probably! I know it'll all be worth it when I get to hold my little girl finally! Welp, I'm off to lounge for a little bit. Have a good weekend everyone. Do you really think it will rain? I hope so but I still think our shade grass is passed the point of no return. Once again, the Byrds have to fill their weekend with as much as we can. Will we ever slow down?

Where did the week go?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Bring on the weekend!

Is it me or do you ever feel like you need more than 24 hours in a day to get everything done that you feel like you need to do. That has been my feeling for the last couple of weeks. We're still finishing our kitchen but this week was so filled with other things we were required to do that the kitchen got put on the back burner. It's not really that big of deal in the grand scheme of things but I'm just tired of my house being a mess, my husband (& I) working non-stop from the minute we get home from our 8-5 jobs, Paisley (&I) not getting to walk, eating out or not as healthy food from the freezer, etc. G & I shook on it that the kitchen would be done before next weekend because my parents are coming down to move Myra into OC & we're celebrating mom's birthday at our house. So, IT WILL BE FINISHED! We've had a lake trip planned my Uncle Jeff & Aunt Elaine at Ft. Gibson Lake this weekend so we're leaving tonight to go there for the weekend, which will actually be great! We can have a relaxing weekend on the lake with the great food from Uncle Jeff! They spoil us when we come. Kody & Ginny & possibly Michael & Katie will be there too, depending on if Katie's sis has her baby or not! It could be any day. G is actually already in Tulsa at the PGA so I'm going to pick him up tonight after work. I'm sure he's loving it. We had a dr's appt yesterday which went really well. 3 weeks ago at my previous visit, I had actually lost several pounds so my doctor told me to eat. Well........I had gained almost 8 pounds! I couldn't believe it. Now I'm up to a total of 14 in this pregnancy which is just right, not too much or too little. So I guess I needed those 8 more! The heartbeat was good & just about the same as last visit's. We have another ultrasound schedule for the 30th of this month just to check the size & weight & cord & heartbeat & things. It is at the 24 week mark, which is where I lost Faith last time, so we're anticipating it & ready to get over that hump of the pregnancy. I'm feeling really good & the belly gets bigger everyday. She moves all the time & we've even seen her move by watching my belly. Pretty cool. Welp, have a great weekend! Pictures will come soon of the finished kitchen, I promise!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Some other pics.....

I wanted to post a few pics from our Minnesota trip & of Ethan Gunselman too. We got to hang out with them on our way up & back from MN. Isn't he just a cutie? I think our daughter might have to have a crush on him someday! Oh, by the way, I stopped at Old Navy today after work & bough my first "little girl" clothes! I bought all pink! I couldn't resist & not to mention, there was no tax on my purchases! Enjoy!


Kellen, Gavan, Natalie (our little 2nd cousins!)

Kara, Maida, Myra

Almost all of my mom's side of the family

G & me on the dock at my aunt's house

The house is still a mess.....

Yep, we're still working on the kitchen. It's taking longer cause we can only work after we get home from the day & on the weekends but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. Gavan's parents came over & helped last night. Dennis & G got the countertops on & started cutting the backsplash to fit. Bev & I primed the back of the cabinet doors so now they just need paint. G is installing the sink tonight & that might be all we do. We' re tired! It's a lot of work but will be worth it when we're finished. I'm almost 21 weeks so here's an updated pic of myself & the growing belly. Have a good weekend.

Me at almost 21 weeks