Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Defaulty equipment stinks......

Well, we have some more equipment that doesn't work properly and unfortunately it is prolonging me going home another day. The home health company sent us the pump and home monitoring system and both had some problems. I think whoever is checking the equipment before it is sent out needs some guidance! Nevertheless, my doctor feels it best that I stay here until my monitor is working without problems. The earliest the new monitor will be here is tomorrow around 10 or 11. The home health nurse is bringing it up to me as soon as she gets it. We're going to try the monitoring while I'm still in the hospital and send it through the wirelesss transmitter and as long as my doctor gets the results then I can go home!

I've had another good day on the pump medication only with minimal contractions. The new pump was preset with my dosage amounts and is working great so of that I'm thankful! This pump is the only reason I'm able to home, even if it is tomorrow, so I'm very glad that it works. I could still be here for another 3 weeks or so if the pump wouldn't of worked. So I guess one more night isn't going to kill me. I'll take that over the weeks in the hospital!

After I get home, I'll come back up here Tuesday (to the hospital) for them to monitor the baby's heartbeat, possibly just do a non-stress test, and then have another ultrasound and Dr. Huff will just come down and see me. That way I only have to get out once and get several things done while I'm here. She said after that appointment we'll see when I need to come back. She said she would probably do some housecalls so keep me with the littlest activity as possible. Again, I'll say, I have a great doctor. I feel so great to be under her care! Well, I'll go for now and lets hope tomorrow at this time I'll be at home on my own couch.


Ryan said...

I miss you tons Mel. We've been praying for you non stop and are so excited about the pump. The Tulsa trip this weekend just won't be the same with out you. Everyone here keeps asking about you. They are all sad you're not coming back. I tell them it is very bitter sweet. I can't wait to meet that baby and seems she can't wait to meet all of us. We will keep praying gor 34 weeks. Love ya lots. I hope to see you soon. I'll give you the 411 about this weekend when we all get back.
love ya
janon (katie)