Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One more picture flashback..........

I've been going through the house getting things ready for our garage sale and came across several old photo albums that I forgot about. There were some pics from LCCC from way back when, like 1993. I guess we were both too shy to actually take that many pictures together, like as a "couple" cause we were only 12 years old cause I don't have very many of Gavan and I but someone took this one of us. We are sitting around the campfire singing devotional songs.

Like I said the picture is from 1993 so the quality is poor and it was taken at night.

Several of you know several of us in the picture: Juli Barker (blonde in green shirt), Gavan, Me, Katie (Wise) Ross, Kale Dittmeyer and the rest you wouldn't know or can't really see.

I'd like to comment on a few things regarding this picture:

1. All of us girls are MUCH bigger than the boys but I don't think we cared.

2. I love Gavan's white socks with his NIKE sandals.........don't lie, we all wore that style.

3. My bangs added about 3 inches to my height so I look taller than I really was. By the way, I sported those bangs for a couple years and worked really hard every morning on them!

4. Everything involved in my outfit matches. Don't be surprised if I had a navy hair bow in my hair earlier in that day. I ALWAYS wore matching bows, socks and a lot of the time shoes. Gotta love Keds! Yes, that is a Guess Jeans t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. And yes, I wore bows WAY too long into my life but don't worry I won't do that to Jaylen!

Oh, weren't those days so much fun. I couldn't wait to get to LCCC each summer. I know that your main focus should be on Christ but I will admit all I wanted to do was to see Gavan Byrd! I love Gavan in the picture though cause that is what some of my first memories of him are. He was such a skinny guy but so adorable at 12 years old. I will say that I'm glad I got rid of that hairstyle though cause it took WAY too long to get ready for the day.

Okay, the twins are waking up from their nap so I better go but now it's your turn to post some pictures of you when you were younger so we can all laugh like you have laughed at me. I know you did.


Sharbee said...

This is so funny! He looks like your younger brother! I had several diff. colors of Keds.

Guy & Nan said...

That's funny! I have one of you wearing that same shirt(maybe?) standing by Derrick Johnson in his Mickey mouse tie! HAHA! I went to Singing school for the boys too. You know such CUTE boys like, Michael, Doug, and Guy! :-). Mel Rushing and I would lie in bed at night talking about how cute Guy and Cody were. HAHA! Love you girl, Nan

Suzanne said...

Wow!! Gav was so little!!! I love your socks esp!!

Tara Hobbs said...

I think I had the exact same Guess t-shirt and I know that I definetly rolled the sleeves up. I wasn't in to bows, but I also wore matching socks and keds.