Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catching up....

Well, to report on Jaylen's new bedtime routine........it's gotten better. We went out of town this weekend so that set us back a bit but she's getting back on schedule now. This system really isn't new to us since this is how we taught her to sleep all night when she was younger but it's never easy to hear them cry.

Last Friday night I went to Theta's 40th anniversary party. I was very surprised to see almost 200 alumni & current members there! It was fun to look through some old photo albums, composites and watch the slide show of pictures. I sat at a table with Emily & Lindsay so of course our table was full of laughs!
Saturday we went to Lookeba and visited Gavan's parents since we won't see them for Thanksgiving. It was good to see our niece, Dayona too. Christmas is going to be fun with these two!The only 2 granddaughters........Day Day is 22 months & Jay Jay is almost 12

Back to the grind this week but an exciting weekend ahead with Jaylen's birthday party! Yep, she's going to be a year old next Wednesday. She's super excited about opening presents and eating cake on Saturday.......well, maybe I'm more excited!

My big girl!

I LOVE these two!


Shawna Byrd said...

We sure enjoyed seeing Jaylen this weekend. She is such a talker!

Jessica said...

That purple hat is adorable!

Mandy said...

She's so cute! I can't believe they're almost one! We need to get Viv, Jay and Addi all together next week for a group picture.

Sharbee said...

Cute pic of the 2 girls. Mom & Dad enjoyed seeing you last weekend. Love the one of Gavan & Jaylen!