Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Welp, it's Friday again & I'm just now posting again! G & Wee got off work early today for the holiday weekend so they went golfing & I'm just catching up on some things at my computer. Doug & Dixie are coming into town tonight to spend the long weekend with us. Doug is taking my ticket to the OU game so Dixie, Ethan & I will watch it from the comforts of our home! Can't wait to see Ethan. He's getting his top teeth in now!

I had a doctor's appt yesterday, actually 2. We had another ultrasound and she is right on track for growth, actually almost a week ahead. Everything looks great & we got a few more pictures of her. I had my blood glucose testing yesterday after that but we won't know results until next week. I've been having daily Braxon Hicks contractions (not sure on that spelling) and also found out that I'm having other preterm labor symptoms. Nothing to worry about but we're being pretty cautious. I've been limited to no exercise, like I was doing much anyways, off my feet as much as possible, & basically don't do anything strenuous. This is really hard for me but I'm really trying to rest and relax as much as possible. I'm going back in 2 weeks and she'll check me again to see if anything has changed. Hopefully the contractions won't get anymore intense and things will settle down. I've still got 15 weeks to go so hopefully she'll stay put for at least a couple more months. Other than that, I only gained 2 pounds this time & everything else is great.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! Enjoy that extra day! Be safe if you're traveling & don't forget to watch the Sooners! Boomer Sooner!


Suzanne said...

I'll be praying for you tomorrow...extra hard!