Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Thanks for your addresses. If you were on my list previously and you're not back on, let me know. My memory isn't quite up to par right now! I had another non-stress test last night, which took a couple of hours. They upped my dosage of the meds to every 4 hours cause I'm still having a decent amount of contractions. I had a lot during the test alone last night so they gave me a shot of the med in my arm to stop them completely before I left the hospital. She still looks good. I have another appointment & NST Friday and then another ultrasound and appointment next Thursday. Like I've said before, I pretty much live at Lakeside Women's Hospital. While I was doing my NST last night, I heard a girl have her baby without an epidural! I felt sorry for her cause she was screaming so loud and bad. I guess she went from a 5 to completely dilated in 30 minutes. The nurse helping me said she hoped I didn't hear all that but how could I not?! She was in the room behind me so I heard everything. It was nice to hear the baby finally cry cause I knew she was done. Anyways. I'm sure I'll have lots of stories like that with all the times I will be up there.

I haven't been having too many leg cramps but last night I got the weirdest foot cramp. My big toe kept turning in towards my other toes and then they were just curling down. We couldn't get it to stop. We tried stretching it out, walking it out, whatever but nothing stopped it. Finally after about 5 minutes it settled down. Then I was scared to curl my toes cause I didn't want it to come back! It didn't hurt as bad as some of the cramps I've gotten in my calves but it was so odd. Oh well, I've found lots of odd things that happen to your body when you are expecting so I'm not that surprised. Well, I'm off to the couch for a while!


Dara said...

Hang in there Melody. Lot's of people are praying for you and your baby girl.

The Davis Kids said...

Don't forget about me! I didn't check recently to give you my address before. I feel for you having to go through all those tests. I'll keep you in my prayers.

As for the screaming girl without the epidural, I guess that will be me any day now. With Claire, I didn't do any drugs, and I'm not planning on any this time either. (It increases the risks of complications, in my situation). Don't hold it against her, the girl is all right as soon as its over!

And one more thing-I had terrible leg/feet cramps a few months ago, and I started drinking about 8 oz of gatorade before I went to bed. I've only had the cramps 2 times since. I don't know if it will work for you, but it definitely helped me.

Good luck! -Amber

Kara Scharrer said...

Melody, I'm so glad that you are journaling here and keeping us all up with your pregnancy. It's especially exciting for me cause I L-O-V-E-D being pregnant and you are bringing back all those memories! I read when I was pregnant that those cramps in your calves can be caused from not getting enough calcium in your diet. When I heard this, I tried to up my dose of calcium, but it never made them go away... I liked using it as an excuse to eat more ice cream though! Stick in there! You'll have a baby here before you know it.