Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Pump is Pumping

The turb pump is up and running. Mel put the port site in herself and the turbuleline is going full time now. Our doctor hopes to have Mel fully off the magnesium in her IV by tomorrow evening. We'll know by then or Monday if the turb pump by itself will control the contractions. Keep praying for success!

We are being very positive about this and hopeful. This would allow Mel to be at home, and maybe even have bathroom privileges and get to sit up some. Mel says that she is officially a human pin cushion at this point. She has been getting 3-4 brethine shots per day, a steroid shot yesterday and today, steroid shots last Friday and Saturday, and will not be sticking herself for a new port site every three days. She's been so strong through all of this, I've been so proud of her!

We are both excited to watch the OU game here in a few minutes. I wanted to put a sign "No visitors" on the door but Mel wouldn't let me. Let's hope for better results by OU this week than last.

We've been enjoying my fellow Chesapeake folks bringing meals all week. Our JSO class is going to begin on Monday. It is so nice to have these meals being brought up here. Thank you all!

Looking forward to posting an update on the turb pump soon!



Suzanne said...

I'm praying that the pump works!!!! Maybe we'll see you tonight!

Emily said...

Bathroom privileges? Yeah!