Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jaylen Jane Byrd

Jaylen Jane Byrd

Look at all that light brown hair. We love it!

This is right after she was born.

Jaylen entered this world last night at 8:48 weighing in at 5 lbs 10 oz and was 19 inches long. It was a quick delivery and she's a healthy baby girl. I'm doing good pretty good just tired and sore but so thankful she made it safely and we finally get to hold her!!!!!!!

More pictures to come after we get home and get settled! Thanks for all the prayers that went up for Jaylen!


Emily said...

What a beauty! I can't wait for Jaylen to meet Kendall and become future Theta friends!

What and answer to prayer...God is good.

Jody, Michelle & Gadge said...

CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited for you. I can't wait to get to see all three of you. Jaylen is a cute name. Congrats!

Sharbee said...

Praise God! Jaylen has arrived and she's just perfect! She's a blessing from above! Love you!

Guy & Nan said...

Wow - I did not expect to see that you had delivered the baby. I am so happy for you!! I love her name too. It is really different and cool! She is really pretty. You don't always find that in newborns!!! :-)Our girls have such close birthdays. Aspen's is Nov. 27. We love you - Guy, Nancy, Aspen

Susan said...

She's absolutely beautiful; so glad you posted pictures. I love the OU hat! Can't wait to see her. Congratulations to a very special couple. Love you much!
Aunt Susie

Dara said...

I love her hair! We wanted to come see you guys after we saw Matt and Mandy but Aidan was getting restless. Congratulations!

Aublog said...

She is so precious! We hope she gets better soon. We can't wait to see you all!