Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 1 of the sale...........

All in all a good day for our garage sale. It was filled with interesting people and experiences like always. I'll highlight some of the fun times today.........

1. Not 1 but 2 ladies came to my front door before I had even open my garage door to put things out and ask me if & when I was opening my sale. Yes, they came up to the door.......I greeted them before they had a chance to ring the doorbell. I was in shock cause I've never had that happen before. Seriously, I know my stuff is awesome but you can wait till I open it. The first lady kept asking me so many questions about what I had and wanted me to describe it in full detail for her that I opened the garage door to let her quickly browse but that was a huge mistake cause then 2 other cars drove up. Nevertheless, I finally got it closed again and got my cereal eaten.

2. I sold my brother's couch to a lady who I found out taught my dad in high school. Pretty neat cause she knew my grandpa who I didn't even get to meet before he died. She lives like 2 miles from me. Small world.

3. I had a lady purchase $3.00 worth of stuff and handed my sister a $100 bill to pay for it. Like I have enough cash to break that only one hour into the sale.

4. I had to explain what a curling iron was to 2 mexican of them bought it for their mom and thought it was awesome.

5. I let Paisley run around for a little bit when we didn't have many people there and one lady made me walk her to her car cause she was scared to death of Paisley, who wasn't even around her.

Well I guess that's all I can think of for now. Better get my shower and to bed so I can open my garage door at 8 a.m. to find car loads of people waiting on me........I can only hope.


The Davis Kids said...

Sounds like a couple of sales we had back when we lived in your neighborhood. Our first garage sale, we had one girl come and buy at least 20 pairs of shoes (it was a couple of neighbors and my sister-in-law along with us at our house, so lots of shoes), then she paid with a check. It actually even went through without a hitch!

We also had a guy come to our sale right before we moved asking us to donate everything to him because he & his family had lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. We gave him a few things and told him to come back after the sale. I don't think he ever showed.

You've got to love all the interesting people you meet at garage sales. If we weren't doing a ton of yard work, with my parents here to help tomorrow, we'd come over to check things out. Good luck!

Jessica said...

Do you think the lady trying to pay with the $100 bill was trying to scam you with a fake one? Not that you'd ever question the caliber of a "garage saler"...but I'm just saying...I'd be a little skeptical.