Friday, August 22, 2008

Jay's checkup......

I took Jaylen for her 9 month check up today and Dr. Stephens said she's doing great. She gave him a big smile when he walked into the room too! She was having a blast on the exam table messing up the white paper that goes on it.......she loved all the sounds it made when she crumpled it. She weighed in at 19.6 pounds (~50th%) and was 28 inches long (~50th%) so we're back down to the middle of the growth chart instead of almost busting out the top in the 90th%! She was almost the exact same weight as her 6 month check but grew about 2 1/2 inches!

She changes so much on a weekly basis. She's very close to crawling and we expect it within the next couple of weeks......hopefully so we won't have anymore carpet burns! Here are some things she is doing now:
* she has found out how to click her tongue
* she can make fish faces
* says dada and occasionally mama
* she loves all kinds of baby food and is trying a little more table food
* she's mastered the pincer grasp and can pick up cheerios and eat them herself
* she can wave bye-bye (only when she wants to but not on command!)
* she LOVES her piano toy and likes to dance to the music by moving her arms a lot!
* she knows who Paisley (our dog) is and would love to touch her all the time.....she's a big fan.
* she enjoys her Praise Baby dvd
* she still LOVES to be in the water, either pool or lake
* she splashes like crazy in the bathtub and gets so excited when she sees me filling the tub!

Overall, she's just a very fun baby and we're so blessed to have her in our lives. As parents, we sacrifice so much for our children and I know that the sacrifices will continue to get bigger and bigger as they grow up but I feel that they are so worth it. I can't believe that in 3 months we'll be celebrating her 1st birthday.......but on the other hand I'm looking forward to that next stage of life.

Sweet baby Jay


Suzanne said...

I love her!!

Jody, Michelle & Gadge said...

She is growing and changing so much!! Hope you are all doing good. Take care.

Sharbee said...

Glad all's going well with Jaylen. We loved Dr. Stephens w/ Andrea!