Saturday, August 2, 2008

Things about Jaylen......

Lately there have been some things that Jaylen does that are so sweet and I want to remember them. Still can't believe she is 8 1/2 months old......I feel like these months have been in fast forward. Gavan is at a Chesapeake golf tournament today and Jaylen is napping on my bed right now. She woke up earlier but fell back asleep with me in bed. I love snuggling with her on the days we do that. So sweet. Okay, to my list.....

1. She hardly ever cries when she wakes up in the morning. She just lays there looking at her mobile, wall hangings, bumper, etc and just "talks" so softly. Sometimes I sneak in a watch her be so quiet and gentle.

2. She moves her index finger up and down over things like her crib sheet, her car seat, etc and it makes a little scratching noise. She does it on purpose......I guess she likes the noise it makes and how it feels.

3. When sitting and playing on the floor and she gets all excited, she makes her arms and legs stiff and stick straight out and sort of grunts. So funny.

4. She loves watching Paisley run around outside and when Paisley comes close to her, she leans forward with her hands outstretched and smiles real big.

5. When I go to get her out of her crib in the mornings, she gives me a big smile and then when I pick her up she gives me a big squeeze and buries her face in my neck.......just for a few seconds but I love it.

These are such little things but they make Jaylen who she is. I feel SO blessed to have her in my life and sometimes Gavan and I stop and think, "Is she really our child?". Sometimes I feel like I'm 20 again without a care in the world but then I snap back to reality and am SO glad I'm not 20 anymore cause I absolutely love my life right now. I'm really trying to cherish her for the baby that she is even though she's getting older each day. Kids really are the spice of life. With all that said, I'm so blessed to have Gavan too. After all, Jaylen wouldn't be here without his help!

Have a great weekend!


Suzanne said...

so sweet!!

Myra said...

My Jaylen...AWWW!!! I love her! Just wanted to say thanks for the prayers! And I LOVE MY JAYLEN! I miss her! Hope you guys have a great week! I love all three of you!!

Guy & Nan said...

I love what you wrote! I feel the same way and especially love when Aspen gives me kisses! I am glad you enjoy your baby so much! Nan