Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Only 1 time today.....

Luckily, it was only water that Jaylen threw up on me this morning and this afternoon she has actually kept down 2 small bottles of a pedialyte/formula mix! Whoohoo.......making progress. She was very sleepy, sickly, & clingy most of today but this evening she is acting better and closer to her normal self. We'll stay home from school tomorrow to make sure we kick this bug and then should be good to go!

Haven't got to really get outside but I love this weather! Bring on the Fall!


Chrissey said...

So sorry to hear Jaylen was sick...I hope she's feeling better! Kellan missed you this week! Rielyn (my oldest) is now home throwing up...a stomach bug must be going around!

Gene said...

Sorry about the 'bug'. It's that time of year -- we'll all likely end up with a bug or two!

Thanks for your nice comment about my blog! I've put your name into the hopper for a putter! Good luck!

Thanks for checking in!

Gene Shoemake