Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3 times.....

I guess it might be another bad week for the Byrd house........at least its not starting out good.

Jaylen threw up 3 times today...........once in her car seat, once on the floor at Sonshine School & once on me......yes, I was holding her facing me and she let it go. We went straight to the shower together. The thing is that she doesn't even act like she is sick. No fever. No fussiness. Happy attitude. Plays with her toys. Took her usual 2 naps today. But I'm assuming now that it is a 24 hour bug of some kind. Hopefully tomorrow morning the 24 hours will be up. I guess I better go change out the load of vomit laundry...........don't you just love being a mom?!

Yes, even after getting thrown up on, I still love my sweet baby Jay.

Oh yeah, pull out your scarves & gloves for the next 2 days..........it's going to be chilly!


Vanessa said...

Ugh! I am not looking forward to dealing with throw up. It's good that she is not fussy though. It could always be worse, she could be in a bad mood along with the throw up! I hope it is just a 24 hour bug.

The Seat House said...

Well Syd was sick monday night and yesterday... One HUGE throw up all over OUR bed. So fun! She is doing much better today. They must have given it to eachother or got it from another little one on Sunday night! Hope she is feeling better today!