Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1 month...

Easton is already 1 month old & he is such a sweet guy!  He's eating & sleeping so well......like only waking up once to eat during the night.  We're hoping this keeps up & he slowly just stretches himself out to sleeping all night....fingers crossed.  He still sleeps tons during the day but during his awake times, he's focusing in more on us when we talk to him.  He's still wearing newborn clothes for the most part but those little cheeks are definitely filling out.  He's lost some of his hair but still has quite a bit & it still stands straight up, which I love!

As you can see, the older 2 are enjoying him & accepting him quite nicely.  Jaylen is such a good little momma & Rosson is always concerned about him like where he is at & if he is crying but then he's done with him!  I'm just glad he's not being mean to his little brother!  Overall, we're adjusting pretty good to #3 & feel very blessed!


Erin said...

Are you guys settled in your new place? We sure do miss you guys. Jace stretched himself out on his own during the night...so it's definitely possible!