Thursday, March 22, 2007

Creature of Change

Ok, so I've only had my blog for like a month or something and I've already changed the template. I get bored with things easily so I'm always up for a change. Just like my purses. I would change each week if I could. We'll see how long this template lasts. So, I thought it was supposed to rain everyday this week & we were supposed to get 4-6 inches or rain! Just like we were supposed to get like 10 inches of snow several months ago. It's so gloomy, I wish it would just downpour and get it overwith. So, more March Madness tonight. I'm ready to highlight more wins on my bracket. Gavan and I have a friendly wager going on our brackets. So far, I'm ahead but anything could happen! Is a new "Grey's" on tonight? I hope so! I miss Alex (my secret crush)! Did you know that he is married and has like 6 kids with his wife? Wow.


Suzanne said...

like the new template!!!

Becky Clark said...

Hey, I'm going to try this again and see what happens. I had a nice time at the OC Dinner last night seeing alot of old friends. I hope that you and Gavan enjoyed it also. This blog is real cute and love reading it. Keep it up. I'm going to try and email it to my sisters so they can see it also. Love, Mother