Sunday, September 23, 2007

There's a lot of "couch time" in my future....

Just updating on my doctor's appointments on Friday. I had my first non-stress test (NST) which went good. She wasn't moving too much at the beginning but they gave me some snacks and apple juice and she started moving around a bit. From the recordings they got she was going great and everything looked good with her. G couldn't stay for all the visits and after we met with Dr. Huff and heard the heartbeat & everything, he went back to work. My sis, Myra, happened to have her class cancelled that afternoon so she came with us and sat with my during the NST and ultrasound.

I got to the imaging center and after the girl took the first image she got up & said she needed to go check the printer to make sure the pictures were printing correctly. I knew something was up cause she'd only look at my cervix one time and then she left. I told Myra that she saw something that didn't look right. I could just tell. Anyways, 2 minutes later the radiologist came in with the girl and startd asking my if I'd been having any contractions or problems. I told him what has happened within the last 3 weeks and he told me that my cervix has started funneling, which means open up even more than it had and that I was going to be on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy. We talked for a little while and they finished the ultrasound and took some measurements of the baby and then I had to go back to see Dr. Huff.

The baby looks great. She's 2 lbs 8 oz and is still measuring about 1 week ahead of schedule, which is good. Anyways, Dr. Huff told me I had to go to half days of work and then on the couch after that for 2-3 hours with my feet up. I just have to take it really, really easy or she's going to come into our lives too early! I've started medication to hold off premature labor too. It makes me a little jittery, which she said can happen, but other than that it hasn't affected me yet. It is supposed to settle the contractions down. So starting tomorrow I'll go to half days. Dr. Wright is so understanding about everything and we're going to work out a schedule that is best for me and the office.

G has been such a great help these last few weeks & now with the most recent changes, he's even better. I just appreciate him so much and love him for all he does for me and the baby. He loves and cares for her so much and she's not even here yet. It's not easy for me to sit back and watch him to everything but he says that I'm growing our baby, which is hard enough work! I'm just blessed with a wonderful husband and supportive family.

We know that God has a plan for our little girl and he'll give her to us when the time is right. We have faith that everything will be just fine. I'd like to ask you all to pray for Doug, Dixie and Ethan cause Ethan is having tubes put in tomorrow morning & he's only 9 months. He's already been through a surgery but it's always scary putting your baby under anesthesia.

For all of you still reading (sorry it got long), have a happy Monday tomorrow! Yea, for me only being there half a day on Monday!


Dixie said...

Thank you for the prayer request. You are a great friend! We are praying for you too. I know God is taking care of your little girl and will deliver her to you at just the right time! And I am so excited for that time to come, but just not too soon!!:) We'll call you after the surgery.

The Rieger Family said...

Keep those feet up and baby in for awhile longer. Let us know if you need anything!! We are praying for you and Baby Byrd.

Suzanne said...

I saw you this morning driving to work! I love you & hope you had a good half day! YOu're in my prayers.