Thursday, October 25, 2007

You'd think I have plenty of time to blog!

32 1/2 weeks

Sorry it's been over a week since you've heard from us. My schedule has been SOOOO busy. Just kidding. Like I said, you'd think I have plenty of time to post each day. I did actually have my mom snap a pic of me yesterday when I looked half way decent after getting back from the doctor. I haven't been very good about taking pictures each week of my pregnancy but here's me at 32 1/2 weeks along. Couple things I'd like to point out about this picture though......

First, notice the capris and shirt I have on. Cute right? Well, funny how I got these clothes. The first night I was admitted into the hospital, Gavan was unpacking a few of our things and putting them in the closet. The previous occupant of our room had apparently left these clothes in the closet. He pulled them out and they were my maternity size so I guess you could say they fell under new ownership when I left the hospital. We gave the previous owner almost 2 weeks to come back to claim them but since we heard no word of anyone missing them, I came home with them. Don't worry, they were freshly washed before I wore them yesterday! Just a funny story Gavan and I thought you would enjoy. And yes, those flip flops are mine. I bought them.

The second thing I just thought I'd point out is the nice dark stripe on the part in my hair! You know you are overdue for your hair color when it's that noticable in pictures! I will take care of that in due time but it's not my top priority right now, obviously.

I just thought I'd update for this week. We went for our non-stress test and doctor appointment on Tuesday but sat in the waiting area for an hour and didn't get called back. Apparently they hospital was completely full and they didn't have a bed for us so we left. I told them I could come back the next day. I told them I'd call in the morning to see if they were still full. Long story short, I finally got in for the NST at 4:00 on Wednesday but didn't get to see my doctor cause she was off that day. The nurses talked to her and said my test was fine and so she said it was okay to just see me this coming Tuesday. Kind of annoying but hey, I got to leave the house 2 days in a row!!! What a treat.

I'm still doing good with the bed rest and my pump. It has become one of my best friends. It's always with me. It never leaves my side. It doesn't give me any drama. We have a great relationship. It literally saved my life. It is the reason I got to ever leave the hospital. I'm thankful everyday for my terb pump!

I'm not too stir crazy yet. It's hard to believe that it's been almost a month since my bedrest started in the hospital. My days actually go fairly fast if you can imagine that. It takes me longer to do things and I have to monitor my contractions twice a day, which takes an hour or so each time. Showers take a while too but it makes the day go by! I'm getting some reading done on my baby books and magazines and getting a few movies watched as well.

Well, TV night is tonight so I always look forward to that. Guess where I'll be. That's right. My other best friend the couch. Good thing it is a comfortable one. Have a good Thursday night and great weekend. Keep up those prayers. Pray especially for me to make it to 34 weeks, that's our next big goal!