Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just a few things.....

I know it is late but I just put Jaylen down after her bottle and just want to make sure she is really going to sleep before I get snuggled up in my bed and then have to jump out of it in 20 minutes when she wakes back up. I just thought I'd post a quick picture of the Byrd cousins. We tried to get a picture of all of them for Nana's x-mas card. As you can see Samuel is not a happy camper in this pic and Dayona wasn't really into it either. But our Jaylen was perfect. She did what she does best. Sleep. Well at least during the day that is!

Samuel (with Dennis holding him in place cause he wouldn't stay put), Ethan holding Jaylen, Corbin holding Dayona and Spencer

Shawna gave me a couple of headbands that Dayona doesn't wear anymore and Jaylen wore one for the pics today. It looked so cute on her. Gavan thought the bow might be too big but I loved it. Here are the 2 granddaughters. Bev couldn't be happier to finally get some girls!

We didn't take near enought pics of our time with the Lawrence's but here's one of Cooper and Jaylen snoozing on the couch. Cooper LOVED Jaylen and always went and sat right beside whoever was holding her.

A big thank you goes out to Jeffrey & Miranda for housing us for 5 days. We had lots of fun with you guys and really appreciate everything. Now Cooper can settle down from having his space invaded by us and especially Paisley!
Well, its past midnight now and today is the 17th, which was my original due date for Jaylen. I can't imagine just now having her and how uncomfortable I would be. And to still be laying on the couch! No thanks. Today also means that Jaylen is 1 month old! Can't believe it but am loving every minute of it!


Sharbee said...

Looks a little crazy w/ all the Byrd cousins! Jaylen is so sweet! Can't wait to see her at mom's.

Emily said...

The answer to your questions are no and no. But we can't have Kendall until we get power. Although the closer Thursday gets, the more sure I am we won't have power when she's born!

By the way, Jaylen looks exactly like her daddy. But it's okay Cason looks like his daddy too.