Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some pics.....

I thought I'd post some pics to compare Jaylen to her daddy. EVERYONE says she looks just like her daddy. She has my skin tone and my nose but that's about it.

These are all pics of Jaylen when she was first born and then within the first week.

These next 2 are of Gavan when he was born. It's hard to tell with them being scanned in and the posted on the blog but Jaylen is pretty much a clone to him!

Here are a couple of Gavan and Jaylen.

Here are just a couple others of Jaylen. We couldn't get over how much hair she had and the color that it was!

We were informed right after she was born that she had a birthmark. We're glad that it is at her hairline so it shouldn't be too noticable. It's pretty big for a birthmark. Neither Gavan or I have one but Gavan's grandma and neice both had one on the back of their neck too but theirs is a light red color. Interesting. We'll just have to get it checked annually by a dermatologist to make sure it isn't changing size or shape.

Here is Jaylen yesterday. Can't believe she's 2 monts old! Look at those chubby cheeks!


Gena said...

She's beautiful. Glad to hear you're loving your new stroller Melody. Don't think you will be using it much this week!