Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just some pics.......

Jaylen & her little jeans.

She fell asleep on her playmat so I scooted her up again the couch.

At first Jaylen screamed everytime she got her diaper changed but she loves laying on her changing table now. She just kicks her legs and bicycles her arms!

She not a huge fan of tummy time yet but we'll get there......sweet smile.

Obviously, she was not in the mood for pictures........but I just couldn't resist. Thanks to the Ferrell's for this adorable outfit! She's got on her red shoes just like her mommy.

She was just waking up from a little catnap. This was her first time to wear a skirt.......she wore it more like a tube top most of the day cause it wouldn't stay down at her waist (it was too big but I wanted her to wear it!). Love the red tights too!

Look how chubby she's getting......she's sort of slouched here so it is emphasizing her tummy but she's putting on some pounds, which is good!

Can't believe she'll be 3 months old in just about a week! I know I say this a lot but it has gone so fast! She's such a sweet baby and she still sleeps a lot. She's a good eater, pooper, name it! And she hasn't gotten sick yet so we'll keep our fingers crossed! Well, we're off to the grocery store while Gavan is gone. I guess I haven't updated on the boat lately...........his dad bought it last weekend. They were detailing it and checking all the lights and fuses and stuff this week. Gavan went down there this morning to pick it up. They actually take him the Lake Thunderbird (he bought it in Norman) and let Gavan drive it to make sure it runs okay before he leaves with it! It will be fun this summer........but I'm still dreading having to get into a swimsuit. I guess it's just more motivation for me!


Aublog said...

I love the Love Bug outfit!

Sharbee said...

Love her wardrobe! The red tights, brown shoes, skirt & Love Bug shirt is too cute! What a fashion statement!

Stacey said...

She is so sweet Melody! I see I'm not the only one who loved the Love Bug outfit - too cute! BTW, I just wanted to tell you that you've turned me into a blogging fanatic! :)

Enjoy the boat this summer! I miss spending summers at the lake; it's such a great thing for Jaylen to grow up with too!

Kara Scharrer said...

Look at those cheeks!!!! :o)