Thursday, March 6, 2008

H is for ................horrible AND happy.
First of all, this is a picture of some poppy seed cookies that I made yesterday...........they turned out HORRIBLE. It was one of those times where you don't have quite the right ingredients but you try to get by with what you have and they just weren't good. So here they are in my trashcan. I usually just buy the package of dough that you break apart and cook because they are so yummy but I thought I'd actually try to bake some from scratch this time. What do you think I did after I tossed this batch? Yep, went and bought a package of ready-made dough and they turned out beautifully!
Because I didn't want this to be a negative post with 'horrible' as my word, here is the HAPPY part of the post!
Jaylen was so content in her bouncy seat yesterday while I was cooking and she was so smiley. What a happy baby!


DeeDee said...

AWE - I love that picture. She is so cute!!

Sharbee said...

Jaylen's so happy! Always love her hair bows! How was LR?