Monday, May 19, 2008

6 months.........

I just can't believe that my sweet baby is 6 months old today. I feel like in just this past week she started doing new things all of a sudden like rolling over unassisted, sitting up with some help, and laughing when Gavan makes funny noises and faces. They just happened over night it seems like. Mandy and I were talking this afternoon when she was picking up Vivian how it felt like we were just in the hospital having the girls and now it is 6 months later. She picked her up today at 4:00 and 6 months ago at the same time she was being wheeled to the operating room and Viv was here shortly thereafter. I was just getting back from Target and starting to have lots of contractions. Mind you, I was already dilated to a 5 and my nurse doesn't know how my water didn't break while I was walking around the store! I went to the hospital about 6:00 and Jaylen was here at 8:48. Amy had already had Addisyn around noon (I think) that day too. And yes, Amy we need to get a picture of them together soon!

Happy Sweet 6 months Jaylen! You are such a joy to us and we love you more than you'll ever know. You have changed and blessed our lives SO much and we can't imagine life without you. You truly are a gift from God. We love you even if you are a rolly polly!

Just a few hours old

1 week old

1 month old

2 months old

3 months old

4 months old

5 months old

6 months old.......I guess she's doing the "sprinkler" dance!


Sharbee said...

Jaylen's so cute! It IS hard to believe she's already 6 months. I love the black/white and pink outfit! Anxious to see her (and you & Gavan) this weekend! Hey, we love her rolls!!!

Myra said...

Jaylen is adorable! I am just so proud to be her Aunt!!! And the last zebra/pink outfit is super cute Mel! I can't wait to be back in Oklahoma so I can see her sweetness everyday! Love you!

Dixie said...

WOW six months! She is really getting big! And she is so cute!!! We can't wait to see you guys this summer!!!