Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garden update......

I know you all have been dying to know how my ghetto garden is doing so I thought I'd update you. If you don't remember, this is what I started with.

Back row: Snap Peas growing up the trellis (the chain-link fence); Middle row: Yellow Squash; Next row: Cherry Tomatoes

Well, my peas did pretty good and I picked the following bunch of peas off the vines and then the plants completely died. They were good to eat though.

My squash plants grew into enormous plants and got lots of little squash starters but then they would just shrivel up and die so I didn't ever get an actual full grown yellow squash. Bummer.

My tomato plants grew very tall and actually double the size of the cage we put around them. They just bent over the cage and touched the ground. They are barely hanging on after the last 2 weeks of 100 degree weather but I've gotten lots of yummy tomatoes from them.

Overall, it was a good first garden of mine. I've learned that you need a pretty big space even if you are just planting 3 different things and also that you need plenty of space in between each plant. Mine were WAY too close together in a WAY too small of space, which could be why everything pretty much died! Hopefully I can be a little more successful at one next summer!


Dara said...

At least you got some veggies! I kept saying we should do this all summer. Maybe next year.

Tara Hobbs said...

We planted a garden. Just tomatoes and okra. The okra is producing like crazy. We will have plenty to pass out in the next couple of weeks. The tomatoes haven't turned red yet, but there are a ton of them!! Yummy - sorry about the squash. We ran out of room for squash because I didn't want to give up any more grass.

Sharbee said...

I'm proud of your first garden! This year we had corn, tomatoes, peppers, watermelon & canteloupe.